As the national response to the Covid 19 pandemic gathers pace, we’re aware that many people are struggling to make plans given the changing situation. If you’re planning to walk the track in the next couple of months we have a couple of suggestions that might help:

1) Order now, pay later
Over this period, one option is to choose any gear and food and then choose the pay by phone option at checkout. When you know that you’re definitely coming, you can call and we’ll take payment then. This allows us to make sure we have the stock you want, and gives you the flexibility to change your plans as needed.

2) We can post!
Hilariously for an online business, we didn’t account for this possibility, but thanks to popular demand were planning to add it in the slow season. Until then, it’s possible to game our system.

Things that we can mail are in this list:

When you check out:
• fill in the billing information fields as per normal
• put our postcode (7000) and address (34 Forest Road, West Hobart) in the delivery fields – this will ‘bluff’ the system into letting you go ahead
• put “postal order” and your postal address (if different from the billing address) in the notes box
• tick the “pay by phone” box (rather than paying by Paypal)
• click “place order”
We’ll get your order, and call you with order weight and postage options, then we can finalise the payment by credit card over the phone.

Provided your order doesn’t exceed 5kg, these days the cost of posting in pre-paid satchels is determined by the size of the package required (and therefore bulk), not weight:
Express Post (next day delivery for most postcodes): $12.20 for a small satchel; $15.95 for medium; $19.70 for large; $25.95 for extra large.

Parcel Post (usually 3–5 business days from Tassie to east coast capital cities): $9.20 for small; $12.45 for medium; $15.70 for large; $18.95 for extra large.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe times, and looking forward to meeting you in person when this madness subsides.

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