As the national response to the Covid 19 pandemic gathers pace, we’re aware that many people are struggling to make plans given the changing situation. If you’re planning to walk the track in the next couple of months we have a couple of suggestions that might help: 1) Order now, pay later Over this period,

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JUST ADDED: Tortilla soup

Our new favourite meal from our Texan friends to sit along side their other highly popular meals on our site. It’s hearty, it’s crunchy, it’s got heaps of flavour and it comes with a separate packet of hot sauce if the night’s really chilly … Be the first to try our new Austintacious tortilla soup

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JUST ADDED: Kids’ 50L rucksacks

You’re bringing an 8–14 year-old along and they’re old enough to carry some gear, but a bit too little for the standard pack (It’s all about the hips …). We’ve stocked some great Osprey packs designed especially for kids: adjustable for both height and hip/waist, but still ultra-light and with all the functionality of an adult multi-day

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