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Adventure food that's above the ordinary – home delivered

Track and taste-bud ready

As our customers over the past half-dozen years have gotten to know, here at Three Capes Gear & Gourmet we reckon that there’s no excuse for a bland meal – wherever it is you’re eating it. We say if you’re on a walk (or a paddling or cycling or skiing tour)  it’s okay to expect something that’s more like food, more tasty – and that’s where we set our bar. You can make yummy food for adventures; you just have to accept that it’ll take a little more effort to produce and won’t have a doomsday-prepper shelf life.

We apply the “kitchen table test”: if it tastes good in the light and warmth of a cheerful kitchen, it’ll taste great in the wild at the end – or beginning – of a solid day in the outdoors.

Mail order

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Finally, here it is: our dedicated mail-order site. Jump into the menu, choose what you want, follow the simple check-out process and we’ll get your order on its way to your nominated address. Because we make everything by hand in small batches it’s hard for us to get to the volume needed to supply outdoor retailers (we’re not ruling it out, we just can’t do it as things stand). So if you want to get your hands on Three Capes gourmet adventure meals, this is the place.