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There are few things more precious on a multi-day walk than fresh food, and a piece of fruit – niftily packaged in its very own skin – is likely to last longer than anything else. We offer the most robust two of our favourites: apples and oranges. They’re ever so slightly weighty side on a per-serve basis – but, boy, is it ever worth it. Our apples are Tasmanian local varieties chosen according to season.

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Apples are part of the rose family, its many thousands of cultivars descended from the wild ancestor Malus sieversii – still extant today in Central Asia.

Did you know that Tasmania’s first apple tree was planted in 1788 by William Bligh – later of Bounty fame – at Adventure Bay, Bruny Island? It was one of a number of trees and vines that Bligh and a botanist called Nelson brought from the Cape of Good Hope, and planted as a future food source. Bligh again visited Adventure Bay in 1792 and reported that only one of the apple trees he’d planted had survived. Legend has it that it was a Granny Smith tree.


We choose Tasmanian-grown apples of various varieties depending on seasonal availability.

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  1. Jo Cresswell

    Nothing better than climbing to a lookout point and pulling out fresh fruit from your backpack. Fruit was still fresh on the last day- recommend.

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