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You know there are plungers in the hut and you’re thrilled. You’ll be even more delighted when you add 250g of Zimmah’s freshly roasted and ground coffee, fragrant, warm and oh, so caffeinated.

It’s also possible you’re travelling in a group of 4 and the coffee supplied with our Aeropress hire isn’t enough; maybe you’ve decided to carry your Atomic cappuccino maker along with you (we admire your commitment to the fine art of coffee, and worry a lot about your back …). In any case you might just need some fresh morning deliciousness to send you on your way. We’re here to help.

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Coffee whimsy

We offer the Zimmah blend Tattooed Nun: “Tattooed Nun is all about contrast and balance. On one hand as a black it offers the ultimate guilty pleasure – rich with buttery caramel flavours and a dark chocolate finish. On the other hand, add milk to the mix and you will be presented with a much more controlled and smooth experience.
Flavours: Molasses, dried raisin, stone fruits, dark chocolate, creamy mouth feel, mild acidity, pecan, vanilla, heavy body, juicy.”

Zimmah sources beans from places such as Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya. And then they roast: “When we think of fine art it brings to mind masterpieces like Satie’s Gymnopedie No.1, Botticelli’s heavenly angels and the road that Robert Frost never took. Coffee roasting is an art just as historic and elaborate as any other: a mixture of intuition and manual hand response.”

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Weight 250 g

250g ground for plunger, 250g ground for Aeropress

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  1. Nicola

    We bought the plunger version of this since there are plungers in the huts. The coffee drinkers among us (4 people) were very satisfied and there was plenty enough for the whole hike, we had some left at the end.

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