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Some people call it trail mix, others call it gorp (“good old raisins and peanuts” or “granola, oats, raisins, peanuts”, depending on who’s telling the story) but to us it will always be Ian’s special scrog – his own custom recipe of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and a secret sugary snack for a healthy boost of energy on the track. There are two big handfuls in the bag; enough for a hilly day. It’s GF and vegan friendly.

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Bakers’ sultanas (sultanas, vegetable oil), apricots, apples, currants, pecans, fruit medley (sultanas, diced peach, pear, apricot, apple, preservative (220; helps retail colour and Vitamin C content), vegetable oil), chocolate covered goji berries (dark chocolate [cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier : soya lecithin<1%, natural vanilla flavouring<1%], glazing agent (vegan friendly), organic goji berries), Banana slices deep fried in coconut oil with sugar, coconut chips (dessicated coconut, preservative (223)), sunflower seeds, roasted peanuts, pumpkin kernels, roasted cashews (cashews, vegetable oils). Mix may vary subject to availability.

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19 reviews for Ian’s scroggin

  1. Christine Marsack

    Excellent mix – perfect for the trail when energy levels are low. And small enough to fit into a pocket so can be easily munched as you walk!

  2. Patricia McCarthy

    Ian threw this into the backpack I hired and I forgot about it until the last day, when I didn’t have alot of food left so it was a great re-discovery in the pack. There’s alot goin’ on in this scroggin – very filling and just right for the trail.

  3. Ian Winstanley

    Didn’t realise Ian’s hands were so big till I opened the packets of two handfuls of scroggin. Lasted me longer than I expected when I bought them.

  4. Erin Pederick

    One packet of this was almost enough that I didn’t need to have lunch during the day. Great scroggin mix and way easier than doing it yourself!

  5. kateg

    Yum scrum! -felt a wee bit naughty eating all these tasty bits, but hey, I was working hard for it! Kept the energy levels up on all those steps!

  6. Carlmartens

    As filling as a lunch. Now I know what scroggin is!

  7. Zoe

    Rationed this out for the four days, and there was plenty every day! Delicious, great snack for during the day when you are walking. Very generous amount.

  8. Amy

    Ian’s scroggin is da bomb! You will not be disappointed….

  9. Natalie

    Scroggin can be one of those divisive foods – people can be quite particular about finding the right balance of fruit, nuts, seeds and little busts of chockie sweetness. This one ticks all those boxes. YUM!

  10. Jae

    Ian’s scroggin (and pork fennel meatballs and fudge) are the highlights for us. This got us through some challenging moments!! Delicious. Making similar for kids now!

  11. Judy

    Highly recommended- great mix- really convenient to eat on the go – everyone who had it commented on what a great mix it was

  12. jo cresswell

    Superb Trail Mix with heaps of snacking goodness. Great size, fits in front pocket and munched on over the four days; stayed super fresh. Congrats Ian- Recommend

  13. aussue

    Our 13 year old son rated this the best scroggin’ ever. Great for those longer days. Loved the mix of different things. So tasty.

  14. Martelle Laws

    Ian’s scroggin was a great combo, we laughed at the description a lot! It sustained us the whole walk, highly recommend.

  15. alicia savelloni

    Very yummy! We relied on the reviews about the generous amount however we would do it differently next time. We could have easily had one pack each per day, if this is your only snack. Especially if you’re eating the wraps for lunch and dehydrated meals for dinner. And I don’t think we’re piggies!!

  16. blacksmith_1967

    This was really good and the bursts of chocolate made me feel like I was being rewarded for the good efforts I was making on the 3 capes walk. Generous serving size.

  17. Sharon (verified owner)

    Yum – as others said – there was a lot going on in the scroggin! There was also plenty. I ordered 3, one for each day, but I didn’t really need that much at all. Nibbling on one over two days was all the snack I needed. Lots of variety and really tasty, thanks Ian!

  18. Nicola

    We all loved our scroggin! It lasted us the whole four days and was a generous amount (some of us even had leftovers at the end, though admittedly we’d been indulging in other snacks too)

  19. Katrina

    A tasty, generous bag of nibbles for the track. Happily recommend. I took two with me…

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