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Our Osprey Ace and Jet rucksacks are perfect for children – up to early teens – tackling their first multi-day walk.

The Ace 50 and Ace 38 are designed for youngsters (roughly ages 8–14), and they’re also perfect for small, slender adults who are less endowed in the hip department. An adjustable harness (with about 12cm movement) and waist belt designed for narrow hips make the difference. Other than that, these are fully featured walkers’ packs. The 50 has the same carrying capacity – and same ultralight weight – as our regular adult models. The 38 is lighter still – just a gram or so over 1kg.

If you’re 8–10 the 38L is probably best; older you’ll be good to go with the 50L. (For Ian’s advice on sizing, weight and more, see the tab at the bottom of the page.)

The Jet 18 is lighter yet – about 550g – and the ideal starter pack for walkers in the 5–8 year old age range. Like the Ace range, it has many technical features in common with adult packs, including a waistbelt and chest strap, water bottle pockets and a waterproof liner.

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Model and maker

Ace 50L Kids’ rucksack from Osprey; Recommended Retail Price: $299.95

Ace 38L Kids’ rucksack from Osprey; Recommended Retail Price: $269.95

Jet 18L Kids’ rucksack from Osprey; Recommended Retail Price: $109.95

Walking with children

There’s no reason to keep your kids at home while you go on a walking adventure. All but the most sedentary of children will cope fine without specific training (ah, to be young again…) and usually gain confidence once on the track at a rate that far outstrips their parents. Add fresh air, environments that prompt wonder and curiosity and the chance to meet new people. Why wouldn’t you take your whole family for a walking holiday?

A couple of things to keep in mind, especially for the youngest of the young set – which we’ll define as any first-time walker under 10.

First, be prepared to give them guidance and help with the various clips, zips, straps, buckles and Velcro closures that will feature large on their walk. It’s a little like learning to tie shoelaces – if anything, easier. They’ll get the hang of it.

Second, carefully monitor how much weight is in their rucksacks. For older kids (9–12) and teens (up to 14–15) aim for a load that’s a maximum of 15–20% of their bodyweight. If they’re under 8, aim for more like 10–15% of bodyweight, and 10% or less of  bodyweight if they’re 5 or under. These are only rules of thumb. As kids walk more, they’ll give you feedback on what they’re capable of carrying (quite loudly, in our experience…).

A reminder that the rule of thumb for adults undertaking independent hiking trips is a maximum pack weight of 25–33% of bodyweight. But even seasoned hikers are happiest if they can keep their pack weight in the 15–20% of bodyweight range, or – as Gail likes to call it – the “more room for wine and chocolate” range.

Additional information

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50L (1340g) – $49.50, 38L (1090g) – $40, 18L (550g) – $30

5 reviews for Kids’ Rucksacks

  1. Jenna

    Sturdy, durable rucksacks with easy-to-reach pockets for snacks and drinks – just what you need on the walk. Gail and Ian ensured our packs were a good fit. Hiring was super convenient as we were using suitcases for the rest of our trip.

  2. Louise

    Gail and Ian fitted my 12 year old girl into one of these packs. It was the perfect weight and size for her. She loved it and it was a much better product to other hire company packs we saw on the track.

  3. Rea Casey

    Ian and Gail suggested that I rent the biggest Osprey rucksack for my adult sister who is 5’3″ and weighs 105 lbs. The fit was perfect! Don’t hesitate to rent these backpacks for small adults. They come in adult colours – no ladybugs or soft pink – and have convenient storage.

  4. Tom

    The packs that 3CGG provided were perfect for our two daughters (10 and 13 years old). Even more impressive was that Gail and Ian brought all the gear to our hotel and took the time to not only fit all our packs, but also answer all our questions about the Three Capes Track. Gail’s and Ian’s enthusiasm and advice reassured us and our daughters that we would have a great time, which we did due in no small part to having the right kid’s packs for the track. We can’t recommend 3CGG enough if you are family with young kids wanting to do the Three Capes Track.

  5. Helen

    We hired a pack for our 9 year old daughter. It was good quality and the perfect size. Ian fitted it when he delivered it with the food. Would highly recommend this (particularly for growing children or infrequent hikers) as a way to have a great quality pack on your hike.

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If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra night. Just fill out your dates at checkout and we’ll get in touch to sort it out.

If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra night. Just fill out your dates at checkout and we’ll get in touch to sort it out.