Farfalle pesto

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We take our pesto seriously – accept no substitutes! Home-made basil, garlic, pine nuts and some Grana Padano blended with olive oil to stir into pasta for a deliciously fresh dinner.

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Whole wheat pasta, basil, olive oil, garlic, parmesan, pine nuts, salt, pepper.

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Weight 133.5 g
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Durum wheat pasta, GF penne

34 reviews for Farfalle pesto

  1. Christine Marsack

    Better than I make at home! I could have eaten it every night in the trip. So easy to make and lightweight to carry.

  2. guy

    Awesome light weight and DELICIOUS!! Seriously best meal we had on the 3 nights (and they were all GOOD).

  3. David

    top dinner – fresh parmesan too. easy and quick to prepare

  4. Erin Pederick

    Simple and delicious. Even comes with fresh parmesan. Can’t go wrong with this meal.

  5. Xavier

    Really delicious , refused to share with family . filled me up and I’m a 14 year old male ..

  6. Kamal

    This was my absolute favourite! The fresh taste and heartiness was just what you want after a long days march. The garlic is fresh from Ian & Gail’s garden and you can taste it!

    Packs really light too.

  7. Helen Prideaux

    Delicious fresh pasta meal combo with yummy pesto, loved this one after a full day on the track. Light and small to pack and simple to prepare, many jealous comments from the other guests.

    • Gail MacCallum

      Thanks, Helen – a family recipe handmade with garlic from our garden; our daughter hates us for this – it’s one of our favourite meals and we make batches of it for you guys and won’t let her eat any of it. (Big container in fridge for batching tomorrow currently has skull and crossbones on it to keep her off …)

  8. jamanga

    I’d always cooked pasta in boiling water – this was simpler and so tasty with the delicious pesto – simple and delicious.

  9. Carlmartens

    I’ll go with the ‘simple and delicious’ above.

  10. Fiona

    Great meal – the pesto was much better than I expected – usually I don’t like anything but home made pesto so I didn’t have high hopes but this was really fresh tasting.

    • Ian Connellan

      Thanks for the lovely comment Fiona. Worth noting: we’re the same with pesto – jar pesto is a different animal to fresh. Ours is our very own home-made recipe, made by us here in Hobart from fresh ingredients and vac-sealed for good measure.

  11. Rachel Macdonald

    This was delicious and easy to prepare. Highly recommend.

  12. Rachel Macdonald

    This was very easy to prepare and tasted really good. Other people were eating the dehydrated stuff you buy from the camping shop and boy oh boy did it look horrible! We ate extremely well in comparison!

  13. john

    Very good, easily carried, good portion size. Loved the fresh parmesan that came with it.

  14. Jodie

    This is an awesome, simple, tasty meal. I added some dehydrated peas for extra bulk and it was goodness all round. Keep this one on the menu!

  15. Sue

    This pesto pasta was delicious and filling – strongly recommended and the fresh parmesan such a bonus.

  16. Kerrie Judge

    My husband and I both enjoyed these meal. Easy to prepare, tasty and as good as you would have at home. Also light to carry! Highly recommend.

  17. Kerrie Judge

    My husband and I both enjoyed these meal. Easy to prepare, tasty and as good as you would have at home. Also light to carry! Highly recommend.

  18. Iris

    Delicious! We also added some fried up salami on the first night.

  19. JMCoveney

    So delicious! My favourite dinner on the walk. Filling and flavoursome.

  20. Amy

    Super delicious and easy to prepare. Added a bit more water to make it more “saucy” and with the addition of the chilli flakes we bought along and the Parmesan provided, was a cracking and filling dinner.

  21. Anneke

    I didn’t order this one, though it came highly recommended. 2 people in our group did and absolutely loved it. Total food envy

  22. pauly mck

    What a treat!
    I’d eat this on the couch at home and still declare it the yummiest pesto I’d tasted.

    • Gail MacCallum

      Thanks, Paul! We take our pesto pretty seriously; when our daughter was 8, pesto noodles was her breakfast of choice for about 6 months. Accept no substitutes …

  23. Lorraine

    Yummy fresh pesto, a very easy dinner to cook!!

  24. Ali Gordon

    This review is being written 18 months late… My family of 5 (kids aged 10, 12, 14) did the 3 Capes walk in Sept 2017 and we ate your dinners each night.

    The beef cheeks were every bit as fabulous as described – a luxury to have had them – and other campers were very jealous of our dinner! And the spag bol was okay.

    But its the Orecchiette Pesto that has prompted me to write this review. It was SO tasty/good!! All 5 of us loved it. The kids still talk about it and say it was one of their favourite meals ever; not just on the walk but EVER!. Ive since made fresh pesto pasta at home – but it wasn’t as tasty as your freeze dried hiking Orecchiette Pesto!

    We also greatly appreciated your helpful, friendly, service. And all the meals were light and very easy to prepare. We’d love to do more walks in Tassie as 3 Capes was so brilliant, and if we ever do we will definitely buy meals from you again.

    But Tassie is not in the plan for us at the moment and NZ is… our family are about to do the Milford Track and I am seriously wondering if there is any way we can buy some more of your Orecchiette Pesto to take with us to NZ?!?!

  25. Darlene

    This was my favorite dish. The pesto was truly delicious and the pasta nice and soft (easy to cook). I added tinned tuna and together with the fresh Parmesan it was delicious.

  26. Alli McClean

    This pesto was fantastic and felt so luxurious to add real parmesan to at the end when “serving”! Was always lovely to have a delicious, flavoursome dinner to get into at the end of a day’s walking.

  27. Martelle Laws

    I did this walk with 3 hungry teenagers and we cooked this up at breakfast and ate it for morning tea, it was absolutely delicious, the texture and flavours were so satisfying. Highly recommend for any meal or back up meals.

  28. Sally

    This was our absolute favourite dehydrated meal from our order. Absolutely delicious and wonderful to have the fresh parmesan to add that was thoughtfully included by 3 capes gear and gourmet. We added some dried peas to up our veggie intake which was a tasty variation

  29. Tim Cheesman

    Just like home cooked – but out in the wilds!

  30. biancahowells

    Delicious meal! I purchased all my dinners and some snacks from TCGG and they were all fantastic. It was so nice to have meals that tasted like home cooked meals at the end of the day! The Parmesan was a lovely addition.

  31. Belinda

    This was a tasty dish however I probably preferred the substance that came with the spag bol and stroganoff dishes. Really great pesto for those that enjoy a fresh pasta.

  32. Bianca Cannon

    Really delicious homemade pesto, parmesan added to the flavour.

  33. Sophie

    Very tasty pesto. The preparation of the pasta was a little confusing to me, but it worked well. I would maybe bring an extra protein to pad the meal out.

  34. Katrina

    A yummy dish…but mine lacked seasoning (I suspect salt was inadvertently skipped). It’s literally pesto, pasta and parmesan, which is tasty generally but if you prefer extra ‘bits’ in your meal (like chicken or veggies etc.) you’ll be looking for more. I’d recommend packing some salami to add perhaps (it’s lightweight and will last the trip). That’d give it some extra pizazz! Some other hikers had leftover peas they gave to me, which worked perfectly too. With these things in mind, happy to recommend.

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