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Unless you’re planning to bring a full pro-scale photography kit, 3CGG’s 50-litre capacity, wonderfully lightweight rucksacks are perfect for the track. Durable and hardwearing, they feature an interior pocket for a water bladder (up to 2L), two adjustable pockets on the sides for water bottles and come in three harness sizes – a comfy fit being the first step to walking pleasure. We’ll also provide you with a waterproof pack liner to keep soggy weather off your stuff, and a secure dry bag for garbage to stop your rucksack from stinking up.

Unsure about your size? Check the rucksack sizing chart

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Model and Brand: Razor from Wilderness Equipment
Recommended Retail Price: $299

65L dry bag liner from Sea to Summit; rrp: $54.99

10L trash dry sack; rrp $49.99

Sizing Chart

Size Length top of hip to top of shoulder
S 35-40cm
M 40-50cm
L >45cm

Make and model

Razor 50 from Wilderness equipment; rrp: $299

65L dry bag liner from Sea to Summit; rrp: $54.99

10L trash dry sack; rrp $49.99

Additional information

Weight 1550 g

, ,

62 reviews for Rucksack (& trash sack)

  1. Ian Kolk

    I found the rucksack a bit tight at first, so of course, had to be a bit selective about what to take. This is a good thing! We had all the food and clothes we needed for the TCT. I found it comfortable, and Ian and Gail were a joy to deal with – helping us out at the last minute.

  2. guy

    Awesome light weight pack. Perfect for the hike and conditions and very comfortable with plents of storage areas. Plus Gail and her team brought it right to the airport for us last minute. Couldnt ask for any more. What a slick operation! Thank you so much

  3. Ian Winstanley

    A really good, comfortable backpack delivered to and picked up from the hotel with a demonstration on how to fit it. Saved me buying one so big. Plus Ian and Gail gave us some useful tips for the track and our subsequent touring in Tassie. The trash bag was a great idea, no smells or mess in the backpack and stronger than the plastic bags most other people used.

  4. Mandy Dean

    Great light backpack. Pack has handy pockets on the waist supports, handy for snacks and gloves in winter, many other pockets and clips so all the important things are at hand. Pack is supplied with full waterproof liner for all your gear as well as a trash pack made from strong material to avoid any spills. Gail met us at the airport and fitted the packs to our size.

  5. Louise

    A fantastic product and service! Being my first multi-day walk, I was hesitant to buy a new pack, not knowing what to look for and whether I would use it again. Hiring this pack suited me perfectly. Ian and Gail were both extremely helpful in selecting and fitting the right pack for me. It was light and comfortable – even after 4 days of walking. Easily adjustable to suit extra layers of clothing and distribution of pack weight. Lots of handy pockets for easy access on the track, perfect for snacks, water and phone/small camera. Dry bag and trash pack were both really handy too.

  6. Nicole Dunkley

    I LOVED this pack! Before doing the Three Capes Trek I’d never done a multi-day hike, and due to some persistent back pain I had concerns that carrying a heavy pack for 4 days might aggravate it further. After chatting with Ian and Gail I was convinced this pack would be ideal due to how light-weight and comfortable it is, and I was not disappointed! I came away from the walk having loved every part of the experience, and even felt a bit sad saying goodbye to my trusty pack, which had helped me along every step of this incredible adventure!

  7. Jodie

    The pack was much lighter and more comfortable than I anticipated. (Was fearing hunch back stance!) As a novice in this type of walking the pack fitting and tips from Ian & Gail (including use of walking poles) worked a treat and I was able to thoroughly enjoy the track experience and the amazing adventure with my friends.

  8. Alicia

    Ideal size and comfortable to wear. Stopped us from over packing. The pack liner was really useful too.

  9. vicki macpherson

    I was quite nervous about how good the equipment may be. It had been a long time since I last carried weight, and with shoulder injuries there was added risk. To my delight, not only did the team fit the packs to us well, they were all we needed and ever so comfortable. It made the whole experience do-able.

  10. ginnyd15

    I wouldn`t hesitate to hire this again!

  11. Jill Price

    So convenient to be able to hire our backpacks and then have the expertise of Ian and Gail who delivered to our hotel and advised on how to fit, pack and use the packs. Outside pockets were extremely useful for carrying wet weather gear, snacks etc.

  12. Simon Menneer

    I went for the 70 litre pack as my girlfriend’s rucksack was only 28 litres. Extremely comfortable. Maybe a bit on the pricey side – until you factor in the fact that Ian brought it to our hotel on a Sunday evening and came to the airport to pick it up as we were checking in. Ian and Gail are just a delight to deal with.

  13. Louise

    This is a really great pack and much better and more modern version than some of the other hire company packs I saw on the track. I loved all the pocket, especially the little easy access snack pocket on the side – which is great for snacks or lip balm etc. Gail and Ian also took the time to fit me and ensure it was the right size and comfortable.

  14. Elizabeth

    I’m glad we opted to hire the rucksacks. Ian and Gail fitted us properly and there were no issues with sore shoulders etc. Great features of the packs are the little zip pockets on the waist harness (you need somewhere safe to put your keys, wallet, etc!) and forward-facing adjusting straps. Being in the market for a new rucksack I’d certainly consider this brand. Pack liners, sleeping bags and liners and trash sacks were all essential, well thought out and worked beautifully. It makes a big difference to your enjoyment of the walk if you have the right equipment, well fitted.

  15. Tina

    We were both really happy with our packs. Lots of straps to adjust, little and big pockets to put things in for easy access, and a perfect size for this length of walk and the gear needed. It was also great to have Ian and Gail deliver them to our accommodation, make sure they fitted correctly and give their encouraging advice before our walk.

  16. Patrick Byrne

    Excellent pack, lightweight and fitted me very well

  17. Diana

    Couldn’t have asked for a better pack! After only sorting it out last minute as the friend’s pack I was going to borrow was broken. Huge thanks to Ian and Gail for dropping it off and picking it up at different accomodation. A delight to deal with and what a great business! Will be recommending them again for friends doing the hike. A great option if you are coming from Perth like us!

  18. Sue P

    The pack was really good, very comfortable to carry all the gear required for the walk. Ian and Gail were extremely helpful in fitting the 3 of us for our different packs. They made preparation for our 3 capes walk so easy, and as a result a very enjoyable experience.

  19. Susan Wilson

    Great pack, very comfortable (even with a bottle of wine onboard!). Outside pockets were very handy and trash bag is an essential item. Friendly and efficient service. Will hire again when I come back for my next hike.

  20. Jan Grant

    The pack was terrific. Although I am very fit, I had not carried a pack for 40 years, so was a bit anxious. However, it was all fine. Gayle was terrific about showing me how to use the pack and also adjusting it all properly for me with all my things in it. She was incredibly helpful. The pack is very light and just the right size. Because the walk is structured so the first day is 1.5 hours, the second 4 hours, third is 6 hours, etc., your back and shoulders easily adjust to carrying the weight. Thank you for all of your personalised help and attention.

  21. John Pohl

    Very happy with the packs selected for myself and my other 3 family members. Gail and Ian take the time to select the appropriate packs for the individual. The pickup and drop off were very smooth

  22. Rachel

    Well worth the money. Made the trip much more pleasant! Just the right size for what you need and handy large drink bottle holders on the outside.

  23. Carter Chandler

    We recently rented similar gear for one of NZ’s “great walks” from a company in NZ and the difference between them and 3CG&G was night and day. The NZ company practically chucked the bags at us and pushed us out the door with no help in sizing, features, etc. Oh, and they charged extra for a rain cover and didn’t include a trash bag. The Razor bag that 3CG&G offers is an excellent bag, easily beating the Osprey packs we previously rented in NZ in all categories. The Razor is lightweight, adjustable, and thoughtfully designed. I love that it is an Aussie product and I will be looking them up when it comes time for me to buy a new pack for myself.

  24. Mary Ellen

    The most comfortable pack I have ever worn. After 7 hours of walking my back felt 100% fine unlike my legs. The water proof inner and the rubbish bag was wonderful to have included. Gail and Ian could not have been more helpful and informative which made my whole holiday (not just the walk) wonderful.

  25. Don SHEPPARD

    Great gear, quality, , comfortable, practical-I’d buy one.

  26. Chet King

    This pack, the food, and all the gear we hired from 3CG&G was exceptional . Ian and Gail are delightful. After traveling all the way from New York we immediately felt like we had friends in Tasmania. We felt like they would do anything to make our 3 Capes hike a remarkable experience and it truly was!.

    • Gail MacCallum

      We’re blushing! lovely to meet you, and don’t forget you have to come back and play again – grazing wombats at Maria, and playful platypuses at Mt Field; you know you want to …

  27. melissa dourlay

    An excellent, light weight backpack with plenty of storage options and super comfortable. Perfect for the 4 day hike.
    Ian and Gail are absolutely delightful and offer a customised, first rate, professional and friendly service. Brilliant!

  28. David

    The rucksack I hired was well suited to this walk. Ian and Gail go out of their way to be as helpful as possible, not only delivering gear and food ahead of the hike but also in their friendly advice about, and information on, the Three Capes Walk. Very good value for money: now that we have seen their product in action, we only regret that we didn’t hire other items, such as sleeping bags, rather than bring our own from the mainland.

  29. Susan Hanson

    Ian and Gail are just lovely. The packs were really comfortable and and the trash bag and liner was so useful. All the food we ordered was delicious and easy to prepare. Thank you Gear and Gourmet, we will tell everyone about you. Hope to see you again 🙂

  30. Flossy Bayes

    Ian and Gail’s knowledge, friendliness and willingness to share their tips in regards to all things hiking was incredible! The kindness, patience and understanding when answering all of my questions was above and beyond my expectations. The best advice from Gail “remember it’s not a race, take time to stop and enjoy the views, flora and fauna, relax and enjoy’. Thank you both so very much.

  31. Chris Ellis

    Ian and Gail were so helpful and knowledgeable about what I needed for the 3 capes trek. The pack was great.. a good size and fitted my 3ltr hydration pack and all the gear I needed. I would highly recommend them. There meals were perfect for the trip, light and nourishing.

  32. Natalie

    Fantastic pack; in fact all the gear was top notch. Very comfortable, plenty big enough and personally fitted on delivery. Some great little pockets for handy things like cameras, sunscreen, etc. My advice would be to use a water bladder though as the side bottle pockets can be tricky to reach without taking the pack off and on, or having someone help.

  33. Anneke

    I was a bit apprehensive about a walk with a pack until I met Ian and Gail who had the perfect bag for me and gave me helpful hints on how to best carry it. Correct size and light weight

  34. Nikki

    We hired the Razor 50 packs and they were so comfortable that I am now going to buy one!
    We also ordered food – the black bean salad was delicious and the first night meatballs also. In fact all the food we bought from G&G was great.
    Gail and Ian couldn’t have been more helpful – drop off and pick up was simple, good tips about how to make up the food, and even posted my forgetful daughter’s Swiss Army knife back to her! Thank you. Highly recommend your services.

  35. Helen Ford

    I hired a medium pack, along with most food for the trek, cutlery set and sleeping bag. Made the trip so easy. Size guide is spot on and delivery was super easy and very efficient. Ian couldn’t have been more helpful, giving packing tips about how to balance weight in pack. Highly recommend this great little company.


    I am fairly tall & found the pack so comfortable. I was nervous my long torso would just have to cop the rubs expected in a generic sized pack, but I was fitted by Ian on delivery & never looked back. I was also a first time pack wearer (for long distance) & Ian & Gail we’re full of tips for a novice!

  37. Judy

    Good size and weight – included dry bag and trash sack – very convenient to hire – delivered and collected very conveniently – thanks

  38. Margot Henty

    Our last minute panic realisation that we needed bigger rucksacks was calmly and charmingly resolved when Ian and Gail delivered two perfect rucksacks to our accommodation. The packs were light and comfortable; the good quality dry bag and trash bag were a welcome addition and the track advice spot on. It was a highlight of our trip and we recommend the packs and service to everyone.

  39. Peter Austin

    My hired rucksack was just the ticket. Fitted me perfectly and was big enough (just!) to accommodate my sleeping bag, food and assorted clothing (most of which I didn’t need, in the event!). Much better option for me than buying one, as I seldom have need for an overnight pack.

  40. HElen E Mattick

    We used the backpack from 3 capes and it was perfect! Best of all was the help we received from Gail and her mum at three capes. Backpack was delivered to our hotel and included a demonstration on how to fit the back pack. We were also provided lots of tips and hints to make our trip more comfortable. Service was delivered with passion and a smile and made us more excited about the walk. I was amazed as we only used this one product but received service as if we were a valued customer. I would definitely recommend 3 capes gear and gourmet and will look to using them for future walks for all my gear.

  41. Darlene

    My husband and I both hired one of these packs and found them incredibly light and super comfortable. My husband originally loaned an old pack which weighed a ton so I convinced him to hire this pack and he was very grateful he did. I was a complete novice at carrying a pack of this size so was very anxious about the weight. Walking long distance up hill is one thing but the game changes when you have weight strapped to your back. However, Gail came and all was well. She fitted the packs and gave us brilliant instructions and tips on packing and re adjusting the packs and walking and cooking, and answered every other question we threw at her re the huts and track etc. She reassured us we would have no trouble and we didn’t. My pack weighed approx 8.5 kg all up ( follow Ian and Gail packing list) and my husband pack weighed around 12kg ( he carried most of the heavier food). I loved the belt pockets and the wide pockets for the drink bottles. At no stage did I feel the need to pull the shoulder straps up and away from my body as I witnessed others do. There is a pack weighing hook at the first hut….. Lighter packs were the winners!

  42. Gina

    Very happy with the packs we hired – as we do not regularly hike it was much more economical to hire and as we were travelling with a stop before Tassie it was two less bulky pieces of luggage to carry. We had everything in our pull along case to transfer. The packs were light, clean & easily organised from drop off, packing & adjusting them. Thanks for the help.

  43. aussue

    We hired a pack for my husband and it was great. Just adding that I’m so glad we used 3 capes gear and gourmet for our food and equipment needs. So helpful and friendly to deal with – great tips on fitting the pack and other bits and pieces. Would thoroughly recommend these guys to anyone walking the 3 capes track and needing gear/food. The drop off and pick up service is so so appreciated.

  44. Karen P

    The rucksack, daypack and service from Three Capes Gear and Gourmet were all excellent
    Delivery was to my hotel and I was able to leave the pack and daypack for collection. Emma helped with fitting the pack and explaining how to adjust it and use the dry bag and rubbish bag. I strongly recommend this company. Using them made my trip easy.

  45. Karen P

    The rucksack, daypack and service from Three Capes Gear and Gourmet were all excellent. Delivery was to my hotel and I was able to leave the pack and daypack for collection. Emma helped with fitting the pack and explaining how to adjust it and use the dry bag and rubbish bag. I strongly recommend this company. Using them made my trip easy.

  46. Ting Loong Chin

    I recently hired THE FULL TRACK PACKAGE i must say this is value for money in quality and cost, especially for non active hiker. Very well equipped for the Three Cape. All items in the package are from quality and reputable brand that can cost you well over thousands of dollars. Service was excellent as they are flexible in delivery and pickup, just need to check with the friendly customer service.

  47. sue griffin

    Backpack worked a treat. I am at 155cm and wavered between a small or medium. I went with the medium. Perfect fit, enough side openings to carry those handy little things which make you walking day more comfortable, without taking your pack off. The top section fitted my rain jacket and a few other things. Again, a good design. Drop off and pick was perfect. Worked a treat.
    We didn’t use the trash bag … good to have but our trash was minimal and fitted with in itself. Would hire again rather than buy.

  48. Belinda Egan

    We hired the packs and found them to be very comfortable to wear. The convenience of having them dropped off and picked up was well worth it rather than bringing a backpack. The trash sacks worked very well.

  49. Linda Brown

    I’ve never carried a pack before and was very pleasantly surprised to find not only was this pack very comfortable, I hardly noticed the weight. I had the medium size. I regretted not taking a few extra things as I was so worried about weight. I think my pack was about 12kg on the first day. One thing I suggest is that you use travel cubes for everything – small items tend to get lost inside the pack, and there’s not a lot of room to “unpack” in the cabins. I had some stuff like my spare clothes in a cube but wished I had put everything in separate cubes. There is masses of room in the packs, perfect size for everything you need. My husband got a large size and found it a bit too big, he would have preferred a medium. He’s 178cm and we did measure according to the size chart, but as we had them delivered to airport there was no chance to actually try it on.

  50. Lyn

    We hired a Size L Razor hiking pack and a smaller women’s pack (Osprey Kyte 36L, not yet listed on the site), and they were ideal. Ian was very responsive via phone and email when we had queries regarding hiking pack sizes. When we collected the gear he adjusted the pack frames to suit and even helped pack the 36L, to ensure it was large enough to hold everything. We were a little concerned about carrying packs, because we had not done so for decades, but it was all fine. The trash sack and waterproof liners worked really well too.

  51. Vanessa

    Thank You Ian! We hired the medium packs and several meals and were extremely happy. Ian was great to deal with, promptly answering my queries, met us at the airport to deliver the gear, helped fit the hired packs and offered very helpful advice. Their food was delicious and I highly recommend.

  52. mel

    Great pack, super comfy. Handy pockets at the front for snacks and tissues etc. Internal dry bag was awesome too. Well worth hiring this one!

  53. Leanne

    Very comfortable. Ian gave some great tips on how to fit the pack. Plenty of space for all essential items. If you can’t fit everything then you are taking too much!!

  54. Georgina Kennedy

    First up – Ian and Gail -thank you for providing such a brilliant service and to have everything delivered and picked up from my hotel – couldn’t have asked for more. Having never walked with a pack before I found the pack sat on my back really will and was easier to walk (even full on the first day!) than I thought it would be. The trash pack was brilliant, and the envy of other more experienced hikers who were with me. The sleeping bag was perfect for summer hiking and so light.

  55. Melanie

    Fabulous service! From the Moment I called till delivery and pick up. The backpack was the right size for me. And comfortable to wear. My first hike with a pack and It was great!

  56. Louise Lehmann

    Such great service. From first contact, through delivery and pick up. Ian and Gail couldn’t have been more helpful. So glad I didn’t purchase a backpack and now have it sitting in my loft.

  57. Christine

    This was an excellent pack – lightweight, comfortable and the right size for the gear for the 3 Capes Track. Great service from Ian with delivery and pick up, making sure the pack was the right fit. The pack liner and trash sack were an added bonus and kept the pack clean as new.

  58. biancahowells

    Highly recommend TCGG for all your hiking needs! I hired my pack (my first multi day hike) and Ian was fantastic to ensure it was fitted correctly. Pack was lightweight, comfortable and fit well so I didn’t notice the pack weight as I thought I would. Extra inclusion of the trash bag and liner were great! Fantastic to communicate with both prior to and after the hike.

  59. Michael

    This rucksack is perfect for the 3 capes – it accommodates everything you need, was light, clean and very sturdy. I’m reasonably tall (6’2″) and found it very comfortable. Having a waterproof liner and a dry rubbish bag made a huge difference. We also hired a couple of head torches which we were very pleased to have!
    3CGG are fantastic – friendly, helpful and really efficient. Thank you!

  60. mscottarch

    You made it all possible that we could travel from NYC with only carry-on luggage and do the 3 Capes hike. The equipment and the food were all 5 star. Spending time with us at the beginning met that our packs were well fitting and comfortable. Thank you

  61. Shane Andersen

    Excellent pack for the walk. The wareproof liner (luckily not required) and rubbish bag were great additions. Great service from 3CGG delivering and setting up the pack to fit and collection at the end of the walk. Great friendly service from the team at 3CGG. Thank you.

  62. william.archinal

    My wife and I used these packs for our May expedition. They were a great size for us, and we definitely took more stuff than most people (plus it was mid-Autumn, so our sleeping bags and clothes were bulkier than usual). The pack itself was sturdy and comfortable. It has a few nice small pockets on the hips, and otherwise the trick is to use all the straps to tie down or clip on your extra things.

    Having Ian come to our hotel to teach us how to wear the packs and adjust the straps was a huge bonus too.

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If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra night. Just fill out your dates at checkout and we’ll get in touch to sort it out.

This is the manufacturer’s measurement advice: have fun with the measuring tape.
Length top of hip to top of shoulder
S  35-40cm
M  40-50cm

(But where does the hip end? And what is the top of a shoulder? Do they have bottoms as well?)
In general, if you don’t know about yourself that you have a very long torso or very long legs as part of your height (and people who do, do tend to know) we think:
below 161(ish!) cm: Small
161– 175cm: Medium
above 175(ish!): Large

They’re comfy, we promise …

If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra night. Just fill out your dates at checkout and we’ll get in touch to sort it out.

This is the manufacturer’s measurement advice: have fun with the measuring tape.
Length top of hip to top of shoulder
S  35-40cm
M  40-50cm

(But where does the hip end? And what is the top of a shoulder? Do they have bottoms as well?)
In general, if you don’t know about yourself that you have a very long torso or very long legs as part of your height (and people who do, do tend to know) we think:
below 161(ish!) cm: Small
161– 175cm: Medium
above 175(ish!): Large

They’re comfy, we promise …