Upside down apple pie with creme anglaise

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Our new after-dinner-treat pride and joy – handmade biscuit base of shortbready deliciousness, a Tasmanian apple medley chosen for flavour, texture and juicy sweetness, warm custard for pouring over the top. You’re in Tasmania – it’s against the rules not to eat our apples while you’re here …

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Biscuit: plain flour [Wheat flour, vitamins (folate)], cane sugar, butter [cream (from milk), water, salt,] extract of organic vanilla beans.

Dehydrated apple or dehydrated pear, dehydrated maple syrup, nutmeg

Custard: custard powder [Maize cornflour, salt, flavour (milk), colour (annatto)], full cream milk powder, cane sugar, emulsifier (322 soy).

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Weight 87 g
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 3 cm

with apples, with pears

8 reviews for Upside down apple pie with creme anglaise

  1. Sally

    This was a fun addition to an otherwise savoury menu on our hike. The apple reconstituted to a sizeable amount and was soft and flavoursome, the creme anglaise was simple to prepare and very tasty and the biscuit was crisp, buttery and delicious. Highly recommended for a sweet treat at the end of the day.

  2. Maryanne Millhouse

    We had the pear pie. Wow. It was fabulous. It makes quite a lot for one person ( not enough for 2). I loved the shortbread biscuit top. The dessert tastes great and really hit the spot. The other campers wanted to know where we got the desserts from. I would not hesitate to recommend this dessert. Go on, you know you want it!

  3. Karen Niederer

    This dessert is indeed a gourmet treat. Loved the design of the biscuit and the way it soaked up the apple juices to turn it more like a shortcrust base. The creme anglaise needs hot water & time to banish the powder consistency and complimented the ‘apple pie’ very well. Full marks for this dessert invention!! Attracted lots of comments from our fellow diners!!

  4. JMCoveney

    Another winner! Surprised by the delicious biscuit base. A perfect, warming treat to look forward to after a long day of walking. Lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘that looks good’ from other walkers 😉 Don’t forget to add desserts to your cart. You won’t regret it.

  5. Kylie B

    Having taken our adult children on the walk, these desserts were a fabulous finish every night. We made sure they prepared them so we had lots of other hikers wandering over looking at the amazing results ! This one was our favourite of the three we tried, but all were amazing.

  6. Deb H

    This little evening treat was even better than we expected and so pleased we included this dessert. A little bit more luxury (and energy) on a fab hike. Easy to prepare and tassie apples are yumm !

  7. Georgina Kennedy

    I had no idea how this was going to work- but it was amazing! Someone else had an apple desert from a New Zealand company which we shared the night before but it was so sweet we couldn’t eat it all. So when I produced my desert the anticipation was a little underwhelming – until we tasted it and we all wished we had more. The apple when cooked was soft (nothing like the one from NZ!), the cream anglaise was perfect the the shortbread biscuit (which I put on the bottom with the apple on top then covered with the cream anglaise) was crisp and as a perfect piece of shortbread should be!

  8. Sharon (verified owner)

    this was amazing! I had the apple going while we were eating dinner, made it easy to finish off when we were ready. We shared one between two and it was such a lovely, lovely way to end the evening. Not too sweet, super yum.

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