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Why use trekking poles? Go ahead and Google it: there are loads of reasons for, and a decent number against. For: they reduce impact on your knees, ankles and feet – an assertion that sports medicine mostly supports. If you’re at all wobbly through the hips they’re also a decent balance aid. Having said that, the Three Capes Track is wide and even, and there’s a fair number of duckboards, which can jam your poles. But there are also a lot of stairs, for which sticks are useful.

It comes down to this: do you feel more comfortable and capable with them? If the answer’s yes, take them. We carry two models of pole: two-section Black Diamond Trail Sport 2 that weigh about 550g a pair, and three-section Macpac A3 that are about 600g a pair.

Model and maker

Models and brands:
A3 Trekking Poles from Macpac; Recommended Retail Price: $99.99

Additional information

Weight 547 g

1 pole – $12.50, 2 poles – $25

8 reviews for Walking poles (hire)

  1. Monica Clemow

    these walking poles were great for steadying ourselves on the downhill steps of 3 capes, particularly towards the end of the longer hiking days. 3capesgearand gourmet were quick to assist when we needed another set at the last minute. Thanks Ian & Gail.

    • Gail MacCallum

      You’re welcome, Monica – and glad you had a great time. Walking poles are particularly good for the (many) ups and downs on the track – and helpful if you’re not a regular hiking backpack walker…

  2. Ralph Tattersall

    I liked these fine. I just didn’t find that I needed them after all

  3. Jill Price

    On a practice hike I borrowed a set of poles from a friend and was instantly hooked so added them to my hire list. Though heavier and longer than the borrowed poles, I find them to be terrific on the longer days, especially on steps as they aid in balance and make you feel safer.

  4. Lisa Fraser

    Recently did the 3 Capes Track and loved the poles – was very grateful on days 3 & 4 where I found I needed the extra support for the stairs. The service from Ian & Gail was brilliant with the delivery and pick up plus the hints and tips on how, and when, to use the poles. Thanks so much!

  5. Trish Dewhirst

    I hired the poles for the 3 Capes Walk and found them invaluable on the uphill sections particularly the stairs on the return from Cape Huoy. Gail & Ian couldn’t have been more obliging in doing the drop off and allowing me to return them the following day when I went thru Hobart. Thanks so much for making the difference.

  6. Sue Bermingham

    We were trying to decide if we should buy poles, but not having used them hiring them from Gear and Gourmet was a perfect solution. We were shown how to use them and the convenient pick up at the end of the trip was excellent. Good gear and saved our knees, I know it made all the difference to our walk.

  7. biancahowells

    I could not have done this hike without walking poles! I was on the fence about whether I’d need them but they reduced impact on my knees and hips during the hike. Particularly on days 3 & 4 I didn’t feel as fatigued and they were a necessity for the downhill steps to provide balance and stability.

  8. Linda Vearing

    Best … thing …. Ever!!! I hired one as I had not used them before but thought I might need some assistance going downhill if I was tired. It was awesome and even better got going uphill!!!! Next time I will have 2 poles (but will probs buy my own) thanks 3CGG for the chance to try it out. And thanks for being awesome and fun with delivery and pick up 👍❤️

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If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra night. Just fill out your dates at checkout and we’ll get in touch to sort it out.

If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra night. Just fill out your dates at checkout and we’ll get in touch to sort it out.