About Us

Ian Connellan

Ian’s first overnight hikes featured a fair bit of Paddy Pallin gear and food cooked over fires. He can’t remember the exact dates of those early walks, but someone tall and haughty was prime minister, he says – so best guess Whitlam or Fraser. Ian’s stuck to outdoor activities for fun throughout his life – hiking, skiing and ski touring, cycle touring and paddling – while making a living as a journalist, photographer and editor. He’s been lucky enough to write for and edit skiing, snowboarding, cycling, outdoor and geographic magazines and books, and even squeezed in a pleasant few years as a Lonely Planet cycling and walking guides author. His last full-time publishing job was as editor-in-chief of the Australian Geographic group. In 2013 he moved to Hobart with partner Gail MacCallum to set up scientific/geotourism specialists Curious Traveller. Three Capes Gear and Gourmet is their latest venture.

Gail MacCallum

Until recently, Gail was an avowed inner-city urbanite of the sort that develops sweaty palms if more than a few hundred metres from proper coffee and 24-hour convenience stores. But there was always a willing outdoor spirit lurking in her heart, and with characteristic careless disregard for personal safety she’s turned her excitement from 2am pickup roller-hockey games on Sydney streets, to multi-night backpack walks, snowshoeing and travelling by log canoe to Angel Falls. As you do. She conceals a stellar career as a book and magazine editor, writer and sometime photographer behind a burgeoning desire to save the world – from anti-science nonsense, political charlatans and stuff in packets that pretends to be food, among other causes. Her great loves remain Curious Traveller, proper food, cryptic crosswords and her widely distributed tribe of family, friends and quality vodka suppliers.