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Pick and choose all the hire gear and gourmet food you need to walk the Three Capes track in comfort and style… Just add water.

Let's Get Walking

Select the gear you want to hire and pick the meals you want to enjoy, and let us take care of the rest! Three Capes Gear & Gourmet is your one-stop shop for comprehensive hiking packs selected especially for the conditions on the Three Capes Track in beautiful southern Tasmania.

We’re here to make your adventure on the Three Capes an unforgettable experience. We reckon that you’re coming for a wilderness journey and for a holiday. Book your dates and organise your flights to head south, and the only other preparation you have to do is wander round this website to choose the hire gear and food you want.

Here’s how to do it:

STEP ONE - Hire Gear

Do you need hiking gear? No problem: go through our gear and add anything you’d like to our rucksack bag. Most things are for hire; a few things – like hats – it’s not legal to hire so they’re for sale, and some things are for sale because we think they’re cool enough to take home with you. Not sure of your requirements? Check out our FAQs, or ring us up for a chat and some advice.

STEP TWO – Choose Food

Step your tastebuds through our menu of home-cooked and carefully curated meals and pre-prepared treats for the track. We cater for all dietary requirements and can prepack everything from the basic supplies to a Tas luxe cornucopia of cheese and evening tipple.

STEP THREE – We Deliver!

Go to the order page and fill your bag with the gear and food you want. Keep an eye on the weight – you make the decisions on what you’re happy to carry, and what you can live without. If you’re not sure, we’re just at the end of a phone…

When you check out, you’ll put in your delivery details and time, and then we’ll deliver everything to you:
at your Hobart accommodation, or
if you’re going straight to Port Arthur, to the airport, or
if you’re driving from the Far North, give us a call and we’ll make a a plan.

Don’t forget to hire a mess kit if you need one! If you’ve ordered a rucksack from us, you’ll even get a trash sack for waste so your stuff doesn’t get festy.


You set forth, with a light pack, delicious food and a song in your heart.

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    Don’t kill your back by carrying a ton! Make multiple rucksacks for all members of your family or hiking group, and track the weights of each pack individually.