Thai chicken noodles

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Is there anything more warming on a cool night than a nice curry? This tasty freeze-dried dinner combines our Thai curry base with chicken, carrots, capsicum, beans, red onions and other yummy vegetables in a coconut sauce, served with rice noodles, cashews and some fresh snowpeas to add a fresh snap to the meal.

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Organic rice noodles, Curry base (Coconut milk powder [Coconut milk, maltodextrin, milk protein] Kaffir lime leaf, salt, coriander leaf, coriander seeds, lemon powder, green chilli, garlic, galangal, sugar, ginger, chilli, freeze dried garlic), diced chicken, roasted cashews (cashews, canola oil, rice bran oil), green beans, carrots, snow peas, capsicum, red onion

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32 reviews for Thai chicken noodles

  1. Jenny

    Delicious. Large serving and easy to prepare. I loved this meal.

  2. Penny C

    A tasty, spicy meal. Easy to prepare and the fresh snow peas and nuts were a fantastic addition.

  3. Sharon White

    We had this meal on our first night of the 3 capes trek – and what a excellent choice. The flavours were great and myself and two cousins (all females) combined out 3 packets into one pot and shared between us – super easy to cook, ample quantity – thoroughly recommend. Loved the added bonus of snow peas and cashews as an added touch. We had quite a few fellow hikers checking out our meal with envy!!

  4. Brooke

    The Cashews and Snow Peas added a nice fresh twist to this warming dinner. So easy to prepare and was devoured quickly. Yummy.

  5. John Pohl

    This was our dinner on the second night. This was a big hit with my family and the only thing I have to complain about was the ranger talking excessively at our briefing and delaying us from plating and enjoying this meal!!!

  6. Wendy

    1st nights dinner on the 3 Capes Walk. Delicious, easy to prepare, good sized portion and very tasty. So glad I purchased my food from 3 Capes Gear and Gourmet.

  7. Jane Iacono

    Absolutely delicious! Felt like I was in a Thai Restaurant. Super flavour and a great serving size. The fresh snow peas and cashews were a fantastic treat too.

  8. Tonya Roberts

    For no sensible reason I thought this would likely be my least loved dinner. Wrong – it struck exactly the right note on night 2. Delicious

  9. Kim-Maree Burr

    Had this on my last night and it was another delicious and easy to make dinner. Loved the addition of the snow peas and cashews.

  10. Vicky Lynagh

    Good meal – added nuts and veg made it.

  11. Barbara Drury

    Tasty and aromatic with lots of fresh vegies.

  12. goodies

    Great meal, spice notes were just right and the addition of the snow peas and cashews just tops it off beautifully

  13. Mel

    Tasty and easy to prepare. Loved the crunchy snow peas and cashews.

  14. ricky c

    Another delicious meal. Snow peas gave it a good crunch. Worth it!

  15. Nicole

    A little fiddly to prepare but very tasty..

  16. Louisa Coote

    Louisa Coote – February 12th 2019
    We ate this meal on our second night. It was surprisingly filling and tasty. Loved the fresh touch of snow peas and cashews. Made all the difference.

  17. Margaret Seccafien

    A great choice for second night. Easy to prepare and the cashews and fresh snow peas added crunch and eloquence to the meal.

  18. Natalie Hoskins

    Really delicious! Authentic Thai taste and the snow peas added freshness. Highly recommended.

  19. Cathy McMahon

    It was no doubt the cook rather than the kit but it didn’t look very appealing – sort of a goopy blob – BUT tasted lovely with a good chilli kick (so not for those who don’t like spice). I read a review that suggested to add a little peanut butter so I ordered a single serve and included which was a nice touch. The fresh snow peas and cashews added a great crunch!

  20. aussue

    Nice spicy flavours. Really loved the addition of the nuts and snow peas. Makes it extra tasty.

  21. Eva Blake

    The addition of fresh veg made thai chicken noodles the perfect first night meal. Just enough spice to be full of flavour

  22. Belinda Egan

    A very authentic Green Curry – had a good kick to it. Loved the addition of the snow peas and cashews.

  23. Linda Brown

    Delicious, just the right amount of spice and flavour, great lighter meal for the first night. We ordered the extra peanut butter to mix through which was really good.

  24. Ann

    This was my favourite dinner (not that the others I had weren’t good). It was nicely spicy and flavoursome. The snow peas and cashews really top it off.

  25. alicia savelloni

    This had great flavour and the additional cashews and beans were greatly appreciated. The amount was just enough (we don’t have pre dinner snacks). We’ve eaten Strive meals previously and found their sizing a bit more filling.

  26. Tim McVitty

    Great flavour. Very tasty.

  27. Carmel

    Very authentic tasting and loved the fresh snow peas and cashews to add at the end of the cooking. Easy to prepare and very filling.

  28. Anne Spranger

    I was dubious about how good dehydrated food could possibly be and thought oh well it’s light to carry and I’ll be super hungry after hiking all day so I’ll eat it no matter what it tasks like. But oh my, this was DELICIOUS! It was full of flavour, the snow peas and cashews were a delightful crunch and it was yummy to eat.

  29. Antonia (verified owner)

    Much tastier than other dehydrated meals!! Loved the cashews and snow peas and it was just the right spiciness for us. We cooked three servings in one pan and I think we added too much water (tripled the amount) but we had cooked some rice as well so could soak up the extra tasty sauce 🙂

  30. Kathy Verhagen

    This meal was a popular choice on the trail. The kitchen had a lovely aroma of curry.with so many people making this one, and it tasted like a green curry you would get at your favourite thai restaurant. A little spicy but very tasty

  31. Sophie

    One of my favourite meals of the trip! Very easy to prepare and super tasty.

  32. Nicola

    Amazingly flavourful! A little less filling than some of the other meals but definitely still enough (esp. if you’re having dessert). Fresh green beans and cashews were great. We did find it very low in salt, and had unfortunately forgotten to bring any extra along. So I recommend bringing salt on the hike to add to this or any other meals you think need it, esp. if you’re someone who likes things salty 🙂

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