Fluffy pancakes and maple syrup

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You signed up for a luxe experience – so how is it possible to resist? These passed the kid test at our house – Saturday morning great. Mix some cold water into the batter and some warm water into the maple syrup (no kidding!) and your early morning wilderness world will never have seemed more perfect. (Did you remember to order coffee?)

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Seriously, powdered maple syrup? Ya-ha.


GF plain flour, dehydrated maple syrup, spray-dried pasteurised fresh hen eggs, organic spray-dried full cream milk, baking powder, baking soda

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Dimensions 160 × 220 × 20 cm

4 reviews for Fluffy pancakes and maple syrup

  1. David

    delicious and envied by other walkers.

  2. Alli

    Maybe I’m a bit lazy but these required more prep than the super easy alternatives. Tasty once they were done but allow time to make the mix smooth, let it sit and then cook.

  3. Belinda Egan

    We were a group of 4 and these were not the easiest breakfast – needed to have some oil included so they didn’t stick. They were tasty though.

  4. Helen

    We (especially the kids) enjoyed the taste and novelty of these, but it is necessary to factor in that they take a lot longer to prepare than other breakfast options.

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