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There are few things more precious on a multi-day walk than fresh food, and a piece of fruit – niftily packaged in its very own skin – is likely to last longer than anything else. We offer the most robust two of our favourites: apples and oranges. They’re ever so slightly weighty side on a per-serve basis – but, boy, is it ever worth it.

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Hands up who knew that the sweet orange is a multi-generational hybrid of pomelo and mandarin? That it’s thought to have originated in China and India? That it’s thought to be the most cultivated fruit tree in the world? And that its genome has been sequenced (as of 2013)? What we really care about, of course, is that one average-sized orange gives you more or less the entire recommended daily intake of vitamin C. So chomp one a day for a sweet little energy hit and the reassurance that you’ll never develop scurvy.

The weight of our oranges varies between 150g and 200g.


Orange, fresh. What more can we say?

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Weight 200 g


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