Gear List

Track Hardware

Hiking shoes or boots


Pack liner (to keep everything dry)

Optional: walking poles

Clothing – On Track

Thermals (long sleeves and long legs)

Walking trousers or shorts (fast-dry fabric not cotton; zip-off legs ideal)

Walking shirt (fast-dry fabric not cotton; long sleeves suggested)

Raincoat (waterproof/breathable)

Beanie or fleece headband


Hat or cap


Optional: Overpants (waterproof/breathable)

Clothing – Dual Purpose


Socks (two-layer system for walking, warm and snuggly for nights)

Fleece jacket

Optional: extra top – lightweight fleece or merino

Clothing – In The Cabins

Lightweight footwear (thongs, sandals)

Shirt (long sleeves, favourite comfy fabric eg cotton)

Comfy long-leg wear (warmth factor – eg fleece pants, lightweight travel trousers)


Sleeping bag (comfort rated 0°C – or +5°C in summer if you’re a warm sleeper)

Sleeping bag liner (extra warmth on cool nights; cooler alternative to bag on warm nights; keeps bag clean)

Waterproof stuff sack for sleeping bag (you really don’t want it to get wet)

Essential Misc

Headtorch (or handheld torch – but headtorch waaaaay better in a seven dwarves kind of way)

Light daypack (for day 2 and 3 side trips to capes Pillar and Hauy)

Toiletries and First Aid

Travel towel (small; fast drying fabric)

Personal toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant etc)

Personal medication (any prescriptions and regular others such as aspirin or paracetamol)

Ear plugs (unless you can sleep through anything)


Insect repellent

First aid kit

Toilet paper and trowel (if you have to go in the wild)

Eating and Drinking

Water bottles or a water badder (2L capacity total)

Camping crockery/cutlery set (lightweight)

Three breakfasts, three dinners, four lunches, snacks, treats, hot drinks (food details here)

Tea towel

Trash bag

Optional: pocketknife (do you have scissors to cut food packs, etc?)


Identification (licence or passport)

Concession card (to present at track reception if you’re on a concession price)

Cash or credit card (you never know…)

Memory maker ( camera or mobile phone; cabins have USB charging ports)

Optional: swimsuit; binoculars; journal and pen; book to read; stuff sacks for separate items.