Homemade hummus

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Tasty hand-crafted hummus vacuum sealed with crackers (widely known as Jatz, although here in Tasmania they’re Savoys) for an extra lunch-wrap flavour or afternoon snack.

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Hummus – hummus bi tahini to give its full Arabic name – is the dip that’s conquered the world, but most of us think of it as a Middle Eastern speciality. Fun fact: in May 2010, 300 cooks in the village of al-Fanar, near Beirut, Lebanon, created the then world-record dish of hummus – 10,450 kg of the stuff. Wonder who baked all the pita bread needed to get through that lot…


Hummus: Chickpeas, olive oil, tahini (sesame seed pulp), italian parsley, lemon juice, garlic, dried coriander, salt, pepper, paprika.
Savoy crackers: Wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, golden syrup, yeast, baking powder, malt extract (from barley), antioxidants (E370b from soy E304), Emulsifier (soy lecithin)

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Weight 93 g
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 3.5 cm

28 reviews for Homemade hummus

  1. Christine Marsack

    Quick light and very tasty lunch!

  2. Sophie N

    Yum yum yum! What more can I say. We eat lots of home made hommous and this was perfect. Great snack! Easy to make in the bag and dip biscuits in.

  3. Helen Prideaux

    Perfect and yum for on the track, simple to prepare and very generous serve. Loved the Savoys and the cheeky note!

  4. Philippa wiiliams

    Great snack for the track or predinner, easy and delicious

  5. Janet Taylor

    This was my lunch and very substantial. Lots of garlic, which I tasted the rest of the day however. I was looking for a few more Jatz as I ran out and had to use my fingers…didn’t want to throw any of it away.

  6. Ros

    I was impressed that the vacuum packaging was sturdy enough to keep the SAVOYS in mint condition for several days. I have never tried reconstituted hummus, it was pretty darn good!

  7. Erin van der Wyk

    Yum! This hummus was the perfect track snack. Just had to add a bit of water and tasted so good with the jatz (๐Ÿ˜‰). We loved the hint of spice in it too.

  8. TraceyS

    A great snack to enjoy whilst on the track (it worked a treat for lunch), or it was also lovely to eat as an afternoon snack at the end of a hiking day. Delicious!

  9. Tina

    So pleased we had a pack of this hummus and biscuits for each day of the walk. We prepared and devoured every afternoon when we arrived at the cabins. What a treat! There is a lot of hummus for the number of biscuits, so put heaps on each biscuit to eat it all up.

  10. Rachel Macdonald

    Really good. And light to carry. Highly recommend!

  11. Julieta Woosley

    We can only agree with the other reviewers. This is really tasty and perfect for an addition to lunch or as a snack – either on the track or when you arrive at the huts at the end of your day’s walk.

  12. Iris

    Our favourite snack after the walk each day!

  13. Malcolm

    Excellent track snack or for lunch. Easy to prepare. Very tasty & the crackers are fresh. The same goes for the white bean dip.

  14. challengept@bigpond.com

    Excellent, easy to prepare and a great treat.

  15. Vicky Lynagh

    Absolutely delicious and a great pre-dinner snack.

  16. goodies

    So so easy and so so yummy- we wished we had ordered enough for pre dinner nibbles each night.

  17. JMCoveney

    Quick, easy and tasty. Great for pre-dinner nibbles or light lunch. Plenty of hummus in the bag.

  18. Amy

    A snack staple and so garlicky and delicious. Easy to make and gone in seconds. Yum ๐Ÿ˜‹

  19. Natalie

    YUM!! The hardest part is waiting for it to rehydrate. Perfect for pre-dinner snack or lunch.

  20. Catherine Edwards

    A perfect accompaniment with our ‘mug’of red wine! Delicious!

  21. Lisa-Jane

    A perfect excuse to stop, soak in the view while enjoying the delish homemade hummus.

  22. Lisa-Jane

    A perfect excuse to stop, soak in the view while enjoying the delish homemade hummus and fresh crackers.

  23. David Jinks

    Super tasty! Easy to prepare. The bikkies were nice and crisp.

  24. jane braham

    Delicious and easy to prepare. It is the first time I have taken crackers on a walk where they have not ended up crushed into little pieces. Great to dip a whole cracker into the lovely easy to prepare hummus mix.

  25. Helen

    We enjoyed this as an afternoon snack after arriving at the hut after the days hike. We wished we had bought more of this one for the other days.

  26. blacksmith_1967

    This was really nice and it had just the right amount of spice to give it a little โ€˜kickโ€™. It was perfect with the Jatz biscuits ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. biancahowells

    Iโ€™m a big hummus fan and this didnโ€™t disappoint! I purchased a couple of these and they were lunch or my morning snack. Easy to prepare and Savoys are a great addition.

  28. Veronica

    Nice little snack to have after the walk. 5 stars for taste!

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