Apple, cinnamon and quinoa porridge

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Sometimes ‘regular’ porridge – even our high-energy mix – simply doesn’t break the fast. So this gluten-free version comes with the extra fabulousness of apple, cinnamon and quinoa. Did you know that quinoa isn’t really a cereal – because it’s not a grass. But its nutrition and energy values are very cereal-like. Our mix comes with milk and brown sugar. Yes, plenty of brown sugar. The amount we like best: more than enough.

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Rolled brown rice, organic spray-dried full cream milk, rolled quinoa flakes, sultanas (preservative: GM free sunflower oil), rich brown sugar, dried apple (preservative 220: helps retain colour and Vitamin C content), cinnamon

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15 reviews for Apple, cinnamon and quinoa porridge

  1. Jeff Davies

    Great tasting, and healthy! Perfect for the track.

  2. Wendy

    Delicious and substantial enough to give you plenty of energy for the track.

  3. Kamal

    Tasty and filling. Great option for a warm start to the day.

  4. jamanga

    Perfect tasty start to an energetic day. Take a little honey along if you find brown sugar too sweet. We had this each morning, and didn’t get sick of it at all.

  5. Emma McIntyre

    I loved this for breakfast- warm, healthy and so yum! Great way to start the day!

  6. Tracey

    Fave breaki – was delish and good fuel for the mornings walk.
    Would like to have this at home too!

  7. Janet Taylor

    As I am not a porridge eater, I found the amount of porridge too much to finish. However, it was delicious and obviously filling. I chose this for the last day knowing that I would need as much energy as I could get. And it worked!

  8. Zoe

    Very filling and tasty, enjoyed this two mornings of my hike, even though I’m not normally a porridge fan. Excellent option for the gluten-free hiker!

  9. Jenny

    Delicious porridge. Large serving that kept me going easily til lunch. Easy to prepare.

  10. Keiran

    I’m not a breakfast fan but that doesn’t go well with hiking… this was the perfect and much needed start to a long day on the track!

  11. Kerrie Judge

    Easy to prepare, substantial and delicious. Even my porridge hating husband liked it! Great substance for a day on the track.

  12. Amy

    Not a huge fan of porridge but this was simply delicious and filling-great way to start the day. Added a bit more water for a looser consistency which I prefer. Make sure you include this in your pack.

  13. Sarah

    My favourite breakfast on the walk. Just delicious and sustaining.

  14. Alicia

    I’m so glad I ordered this for the trek. It was my favourite breakfast and I would love to eat this regularly back home!

  15. Belinda Egan

    Loved the porridge. Easy to cook and very filling.

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