Secretly healthy pikelets and maple syrup

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It’s luxurious AND healthy all at once, with hazelnut meal, seeds and quinoa for some slow-burn energy to go with your sugar. Mix some cold water into the batter and some warm water into the maple syrup (no kidding!) and enjoy your wholesome treat.

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GF plain flour, ground hazelnuts, powdered maple syrup, spray-dried pasteurised fresh hen eggs, organic black chia seeds,organic spray-dried full cream milk, rolled quinoa, poppy seeds, baking powder, baking soda

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10 reviews for Secretly healthy pikelets and maple syrup

  1. Luka

    first of all a tip , cook these on the nonstick pans available in the cabins , my daughter started on the steel frypans until I intervened then they were perfect for the hike out to the Blade

  2. Alicia Simmonite

    Lovely pancakes, very easy to cook and tasted great. I was really looking forward to them when I woke.The addition of seeds and quinoa made it extra healthy. Perhaps some dried berries would add to the experience.

  3. Zoe

    Tasty, Ian even threw in some oil to help these not stick to the pan. Very easy to prepare.

  4. Fiona

    Very yummy and hearty way to start the day.

  5. Tina

    These pancakes are gluten free, therefore they don’t ‘hold’ together like non gluten free pancakes. Still yummy though, and I think they probably are ‘secretly healthy”.

  6. Sarah Bartlett

    Bought for a birthday boy’s breaky, and he loved them. A special start to Day 3!

  7. jane braham

    The pancakes were lovely and fluffy. Easy to prepare and cook on the non stick frypan. I brought some olive oil with me to ensure they did not stick to the frypan. For extra flavour add a chopped banana.

  8. Linda Brown

    These were delicious BUT there was no non-stick frypans, and we didn’t have any oil! First pancake wasn’t too good, but then someone gave us some oil which was better. We needed some butter to go with them too. The other issue we had was than we had planned to have these on day 4, but with the early start (7am from hut) we wouldn’t have had time, so we had them day 3. Honestly, they were a bit of a hassle, we wished we just had porridge every day. They would make a great dessert one night.

  9. Russell Gordon

    was ok but probably should have gone for the normal pancakes. Needed more maple syrup.

  10. Nicola

    These were tasty but cumbersome to prepare in the pans in the hut because they kept sticking to the base and breaking apart. We also found the maple syrup wasn’t as sweet or plentiful as we’d hoped, but fortunately we had extra sugar to compensate. I think if I did it again I’d go for something simpler to prepare like the porridge or the muesli, which were both delicious.

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