Cheese and vegetable risotto

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This tasty lightweight risotto from Tasmanian maker Strive is perfect for a day-end refuelling session. It’s one of only two Strive meals we offer; easy to make and serve.

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We test the commercially available freeze-dried meals and select only those that pass muster with our delicate little taste buds. That doesn’t mean the ones absent from out list are bad. It does mean that we’re creatures of particular tastes, and that we’re a little on the fussy side. Dehydrating and freeze-drying are tried and true methods of getting wet weight out of adventure food, and it takes a fair bit of effort to get it right. So you get the benefit of the R&D that the commercial makers put in.



Cheese, corn & vegetable risotto: Arborio rice, cheese powder (milk solids, maltodextrin, cheese, HVP, food acid 330), corn, peas (sodium citrate, sodium carbonate), vegetable powder, onion, herbs.

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23 reviews for Cheese and vegetable risotto

  1. David

    Excellent vego meal. Full of flavour . Thumbs up !

  2. Erin Pederick

    Fantastic option for those looking for a vegetarian meal. Easy to prepare and a great tasting, hot meal on a winter evening.

  3. Sophie N

    Very easy meal. Was a large amount , well and truly fed the hungry walkers.

  4. Luka

    The added bonus of fresh beans , a glass of pinot , this was my fav meal . would have this at home instead of my laborious concoction

  5. Kamal

    Really delicious and the rice is great for energy. Makes for a meal with minimal effort and has everything you need. One of my favourites and a great vego option.

    Super light too.

  6. Helen Prideaux

    Perfect last night meal and oh so yum, very generous proportion and very easy to prepare. We combined our two packets and took 20 minutes of stirring over the low heat, excellent consistency and seasoning.

  7. Kim

    Easy to make, and tasted as good as I hoped. Recommended!
    The parmesan made it a five star.

  8. Alicia Simmonite

    A very tasty vegetarian option and a good sized portion for dinner. I added in some fresh spinach leaves for extra colour and vitamins, they were a perfect addition. The cheese to add at the end made it even tastier. Highly recommended.

  9. Jodie

    Lovely meal and very easy to make. The added grated Parmesan cheese in a snap-lock bag was an excellent addition to make the risotto extra tasty. Highly recommend.

  10. Sally

    A delicious vegetarian option and the added fresh parmesan was a lovely touch. I added some dried porcini mushrooms just to mix up the flavours a bit. Easy to make and a good sized portion for one.

  11. Carlmartens

    Dried meals have come a long way in recent years!

  12. Zoe

    Lovely, quite easy to make though did have to add extra water as the rice was a bit crunchy. Very large quantity and filling.

  13. Rachel Macdonald

    Out of the three meals we had this was our least favourite. Don’t get me wrong, it still tasted good but not fantastic (like the Pork & Fennel meatballs fantastic!!!). The pot was a bit harder to clean as well.

  14. Casey

    Very generous servings and great for energy. A bit too cheesy for my liking though

  15. Penny C

    Loved this risotto. This dinner was the envy of all around. I combined two packets. It needed quite a bit more water and a longer cooking time (what risotto doesn’t) but tasted delicious. Loved the fresh Parmesan, a great touch.

  16. Sharon White

    We saved the risotto for our last night of the 3 capes trek – and that was a blessing. After a big day of walking and going to the Blade we were eagerly looking forward to it. We combined our 3 packets together in one pot, cooked it up and served piping hot with our supplied parmesan, it went down a treat. Great flavours and a very hearty, wholesome meal – superb!!


    Excellent meal, easy to prepare.

  18. Mary Ellen

    Delicious meal. Easy to prepare and very hearty portion size. We even found some fresh beans to throw in at the end which was and added extra. Handy Hint – Green beans last well on the walk for those like me that like some freshness added.

  19. penny Riddoch

    The risotto was OK,, but took far longer than the 10 minutes it should have taken. Not our favourite meal.

  20. lbotter

    I had this on nights 2 and 3. I loved it, very easy to make and tasted authentic. I’m Italian so a bit of a risotto snob and this was amazing. I did add a small amount of salt as I felt it was a little bland without, but that’s a personal taste thing. I could easily have eaten a second bowl. So if you’re a hearty eater, then I’d recommend two sachets for one portion. I’m very active, slim build but my body likes to be fuelled. Would definitely get this again. What I loved about all my 3 capes meals was how lightweight they were, which is major consideration when carting your own stuff.

  21. Linda Brown

    Tasty risotto, I left it sit longer than the pack said to make sure it was cooked through. Would have been nice to have a bit of oil or butter to mix through once it was cooked because it was slightly stodgy. Great gluten free option.

  22. Veronica

    Bar far our favourite dinner! By spending just a little more time stirring and adding the water slowly as you do with risotto you wind up with an absolutely quality meal & filling! We put the two packs together and boy it was delicious.

  23. Jasmine Errey

    This risotto was delicious, and easy to prepare. It did take a bit more time and water to cook than the given instructions, but was worth the wait. Personally if I were getting this again I would bring my own pepper to add as I like a bit of kick. Otherwise it couldn’t be better. Another reviewer has suggested bringing and adding some fresh beans, I agree this would complement the risotto beautifully.

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