Crispbread or wrap with protein

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Your choice of cracker with a choice of meat. You might also want to add some zesty hummus, some awesome cheese or a delicious tomato salsa

Cracker choice:
2 x Thin Rice Cakes
2 x Multigrain Wraps
2 x Gluten-Free Tortillas
4 x 9-Grain Vita-Weats
2 x Ryvitas

With a sachet or tin of:
Salmon pieces with mild red chilli
Chicken with mustard mayo

For gluten free, be sure to select the options marked (GF)

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Additional information

Weight 260 g

2 x Thin Rice Cakes (GF), 2 x Multigrain Wraps, 4 x 9-Grain Vita-Weats, 2 x Ryvitas, 2 x Gluten-Free Tortillas (GF)


Salmon pieces with mild red chilli (GF), Chicken with mustard mayo (GF), Tuna (GF)

9 reviews for Crispbread or wrap with protein

  1. Janet Taylor

    I had the gluten free wrap with chicken and mayo. Unfortunately, the can of chicken pressed up against the wrap which was torn however the chicken was delicious. My friend had the tuna and a wholemeal wrap which didn’t tear and she loved this.

  2. cabearpark

    Wraps stayed soft for the whole walk, which was impressive. Chicken with mustard mayo was the tastiest filling, but the packet fish fillings were easier to carry. Remember to carry a knife to scrape all the last bits out!

  3. Zoe

    Had rice cakes with tuna, and topped with the salsa, was absolutely delicious and filling for lunch on day 3.

  4. Tina

    We had the wholemeal wraps and the salmon on the first day. The wraps were fresh and the salmon very yummy – quite spicy/hot in flavour – so watch out if you’re not used to spicy food. We also took a green & red capsicum, one sliced carrot and some green leaves in zip lock bags and had this in our wraps on each day of the walk. This added some crunch and extra flavour.

  5. Rachel Macdonald

    We had the Ryvitas with some salmon and I took a small tub of cherry tomatoes and a small packet of baby lebanese cucumbers. The Ryvitas with this combination on the first day was great. I had the tomatoes and cucumbers in little plastic containers so they didn’t squash or go off. The salsa would have been so good with this but I only opened my two packs on Day 2 and Day 3.

  6. Charissa Johnson

    I had the wraps with salmon and it was absolutely delicious and so filling – perfect for lunch on the track. I would definitely recommend.

  7. Belinda Egan

    We had the tuna with Crackers & a Wrap. As there was no mustard mayo it was a little bland. Needed to have something else with it – maybe some sundried tomatoes or something similar.

  8. Nicola

    None of us liked the chicken, but the salmon and tuna were tasty, esp. when jazzed up with a fresh salad pack which we shared among us. If I did it again though I think I’d get the hummus and white bean dip packs for lunch instead (and maybe even that mushroom one I’m regretting not trying!), perhaps together with a salad pack and a few extra crackers. The dips were tastier and easier to prepare, less messy, and produced less stinky rubbish. We had them as extra snacks but they proved the highlight!

  9. Katrina

    It is what it is – nothing fancy – and as long as you take something fresh to add (say cucumber, capsicum, cherry toms or carrot), it makes for a tasty, satisfying lunch. I also purchased the cheese triangles and was happy to have that added in. I’d recommend doing the same. I went the wrap option and was pleased with that choice. I purchased both the tuna, and the chicken. Enjoyed the tuna…ate the chicken (chicken in a can, generally, is an acquired taste I suspect – I’d stick with tuna if going again!). Boy, ordering the food and snacks in advance and having them delivered was a great convenience. Highly recommend doing so through 3 Capes Gear and Gourmet, absolutely. I’d do the same again in a heartbeat.

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