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Hire for up to five nights. NEED LONGER?

Yes, you could borrow the sleeping bag that Uncle Ted used to take duck-shooting… but modern sleeping bags are compact and so much lighter and warmer. (The PWS Three Capes Track packing list says that a -5° bag is needed; note that this is a lower limit measure – and it’s not actually below freezing all year round here – in spite of what you fear). We offer a mix’n’match assortment:

Bags (all degree rated on the EN13537 scale):
• +5° (lower limit 0°) down bag (great for warm sleepers in summer)
• 0° (l.l. -4°) synthetic bag (sturdy)
• -1° (l.l. -8°) ultra-light down bag (oh so light! oh so small!)
• -8° (l.l. -15°) down bag for those who are really REALLY afraid of the cold, and/or vampires.

• our standard stretchy t-shirt material liner (cuddly)
• a toasty ‘Thermolite Reactor Extreme’ liner which increases sleeping bag performance by a few to several degrees (depending on how warm you sleep)
• a silk/cotton liner (teeny tiny and super light)

Confused? To find out how the temperature rating works, click here.  To those for whom too much reading about sleeping bags and liners is never enough (Ian), head for the bottom of the page. Those who care about weight (Gail) can find them in the drop down menus.

NB: If you are taller then 180cm, let us know in the order notes so we can make sure your bag is long enough for you.


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Model and maker


+5° Trek I down from Sea to Summit; Recommended Retail Price $369
0° Palm Visa synthetic from Roman; Recommended Retail Price $119
–1° Trek II down from Sea to Summit; Recommended Retail Price $429
–8° Long women’s Trek II from Sea to Summit; Recommended Retail Price $469


Premium stretch knit expander liner from Sea to Summit; Recommended Retail Price: $34.95
Thermolite Reactor Extreme from Sea to Summit; Recommended Retail Price: $89.95
Premium blend silk/cotton liner from Sea to Summit; Recommended Retail Price: $64.95


More information than you need about bags and liner

The three essential differences between down and synthetic sleeping bags are weight, performance and care.

A down bag with the same temperature rating as a synthetic bag will generally be hundreds of grams lighter and pack smaller – pretty happy advantages.

It follows that down’s performance, on a weight-for-warmth basis, is superior. Unless – and here’s the rub – your feathers get wet. A damp down bag is pretty much useless, whereas a damp synthetic bag does give you a little protection – very handy if you’re tent-hiking in a remote wet area.

Of course, the damp-performance factor isn’t going to be a biggie for you if you hire a sleeping bag from us to walk the Three Capes Track. Your bag will be protected while you’re on the track – either in a waterproof stuff sack or (if you also hire one of our rucksacks) a waterproof pack liner. And at night you’ll be in a lovely, dry, comfortable hut. So our advice would be to make your sleeping-bag choice on weight and price.

Speaking of which, the last essential difference – care – is the main reason our down bags are more expensive to hire. Down’s trickier and much more time-consuming to care for (plus you have to consider that our down bags’ recommended retail price is more than double that of our synthetic bags).

To give our walkers more comfort and to protect and extend the life of our sleeping bags, we send every bag out with a linerPlease use it! 

Our standard liner is a soft, stretchy cotton blend that’s perfect for most people in most conditions. We also carry a Thermolite Reactor Extreme liner that you should consider if you tend to be a cold sleeper – its fine-weave fabric and tapered shape adds anything from a few to several degrees extra warmth. We sent out one of each with two doughty rangers spending a few days on Frenchmans Cap. They each slept in the standard liner one night and the ‘reactor extreme’ on another. Their verdict: the ‘reactor extreme’ was definitely, noticeably warmer.

Last, if you’re hungry for the full luxe experience, we offer dreamy silk/cotton liners, which are tiny and super lightweight.


Additional information

Weight N/A

Stretch-knit poly cotton (310g) – $0, extra toasty (399g) – $10, silk/cotton (142g) – $10


+5° down (820g) – $65, Long +5° down (>180cm; 910g) – $65, 0° synthetic (1400g) – $45, -1° down (1045g) – $65, Long -1° down (>180cm; 1145g) – $65, -8° down (1300g) – $75

27 reviews for Sleeping Bag & liner

  1. Susan

    [Took 0° synthetic bag and standard liner]
    We have done several walks but haven’t ever needed to carry a sleeping bag so it was great to be able to hire one rather than having to go to the expense of buying a good quality one. The sleeping bags were of excellent quality and came with very good sleeping bag liners.

  2. Susan Hodgman

    [Took -1° down bag and standard liner]
    Wonderfully light and warm sleeping bag. Even better is the cosy, stretchy inner sheet – I seriously considered buying one to use at home!

  3. Kai-Xin Quah

    [Took -1° down bag & thermolite liner]
    It’s really effective in keeping my body warm during the chilly nights at Tasman Peninsula. It comes with a waterproof case and lining too. I find it easy to carry around during my trek as I could simply strap it onto my backpack. Highly recommend!

  4. Alex F

    The bag and standard liner worked perfectly for me. We went in the middle of the winter and I run a LOT warmer than my fiancée. She used the thermalite liner with the 0° bag and she was very comfortable as well.

  5. Kim

    My girlfriend had the extra toasty, and she was in heaven in the sleeping bag.
    Mine was the standard, and it was just a tad too short for a big guy like me (190cm and broad) Cold shoulders but rest was warm.
    Told this information to super nice Gail and Ian, they are on it to fix it.

    • Gail MacCallum

      Hi Kim and thanks for the reviews – and after speaking to you we now stock extra-long bags for people over 185cm (or 6-foot in old money). Now we just have to remember to ask everyone their height! If you’re looking at this to order a bag from us, let us know if you’re one of the skyscraper crowd…

  6. Ana

    We hired the thermalite liner with the 0° bag for 4 people during our Three Capes track two weeks ago; we were very comfortable and warm!
    We also hired 2 raincoats as well; there were very good quality and awesome just as an extra layer as they’re wind proof.

    Ian and Gale were awesome; they even brought a couple of different raincoat sizes for us to try and pick the best size.

    Definitely recommended!

  7. Katia

    We hired the 0 degree synthentic sleeping bags for our December hike, and it was perfect! Tassie still gets cold at night, so it was worthwhile. Very comfortable and we didn’t need the liners to accompany it [note from Ian: “FYI Katia brought her own liners to use – liners are an essential part of using one of our sleeping bags. Glad you were cosy, Katia!”], in this instance.

  8. Louise

    We walked in January i.e. Australian summer and we hired the -1 sleeping bag which was perfect. The bags and liner are very clean and I had the best nights sleep all snug in my bag.

  9. Tina

    We took the ‘extra long’ bag for my 6 foot son. He was very comfortable. We walked in Summer and the rooms were cosy and warm. Sleeping bag and liner were a good size to carry and were clean and fresh.

  10. Patrick Byrne

    This sleeping bag with liner was an XL size and fitted my 189cm frame very well. Really good quality and I was hot!

  11. Sue P

    I really feel the cold so was quiet anxious about which would be the best bag and liner for me to hire, while my husband doesn’t really feel the cold. After discussion with Ian and Gail we worked out which sleeping bags and liners would be most suitable for us. On the walk they were perfect, I was as warm as toast, and hubby was happy too!

  12. Ani

    The hired sleeping bag was clean and very cosy on the cool nights. It came in its own waterproof bag which was helpful when walking in heavy rain. Awesome service for delivery and collection!

  13. Malcolm

    The 1° ultra-light down bag was definitely oh so light & oh so small. For March, it was perfect for comfort & warmth.

  14. Jane Iacono

    We hiked in April and the -1 down bag was nice and toasty and so light. I also hired the silk/cotton liner which was surprisingly warm as well.

  15. Lynn Pendrigh

    We hired the ultra light down bag and thermalite snugly liner. Both lovely to use and perfectly warm enough for May. We also hired the back packs which were comfy and easy to pack.
    Great service, many thanks. Next time I think I might treat my self to your gourmet food too!

  16. Celeste Maddocks

    Took the ultra-light down bag and liner. Was so snuggly and the bag was easy to pack. Best part was the service – the bag and liner were brought to me at work before the walk and then picked up from home after the walk. Made it so easy!

  17. Natalie

    So worth it to hire such a lightweight snuggly sleeping bag. They are also teeny tiny, allowing room for a flask of Negroni in your pack 🙂

  18. Diane

    We hired the ultra light down bags, they were super. Not too heavy and it was reasonably warm so were able to leave it unzipped. Took the cotton liner, probably slight mistake as was a bit heavier to carry and but was still very warm. the service was amazing, dropped off at our hotel the day we arrived at the specified time and we just dropped them back on our way through Hobart after our walk. Super!


    I found the sleeping bag & liner did the job (in January). Some nights you wanted warmth, others not so much. The mattresses in 3 Capes huts are comfortable. I’d recommend hiring a pillow if you can afford the space.

    • Gail MacCallum

      Hi Marg – good point about the pillow, although unfortunately we can only sell (not hire) inflatable pillows for health regulations. A fleece or down jacket in a stuff sack could be an old-school backup …

  20. Peter Austin

    My hired ultra-light down bag with internal liner was ideal. Took up much less space in the pack than any of my own sleeping bags would have taken and weighed hardly anything. The weather wasn’t all that cold on our walk, but I’m sure the bag would have kept me warm under any conditions.

  21. Darlene

    Hired a -1 Down bag with silk and cotton liner for me and a 0 synthetic ( extra long) with standard liner for my husband. The bags were super light to carry and easy to re pack with the compression sack ( thanks to Gail’s expert advice I won the daily contest for the smallest bundle). The lightweight down was warm and cosy and could be opened up as a blanket on milder nights. Well worth it.

  22. Philippa

    Hired a -1 bag for our walk in the first week of June -I was a little nervous about being cold but the bag was toasty warm and I was almost verging on too hot some nights! I used it with my own thermal liner (and slept in thermals.)
    Service was great, Ian met me at the airport to drop off the bag and was friendly and chatty. Bag was picked up again from our Hobart accommodation after the walk. Highly recommend this company and this bag!

  23. Sue M

    We hired the -1 down bags with toasty liner for my son and I and silk liner for my husband. They were so cosy. I left it unzipped most of the time. (September.) Loved how super easy they were to get back into the drybag and compress.

  24. Jeff Ross

    We hired -1 Down (long) sleeping bagS and silk liners in late November. They proved more than adequate and were very comfortable. We really appreciated the advice, personal service and reliable delivery (and pick up) to our Airbnb’s in Hobart. Ian was great to deal with.

  25. sue griffin

    I hired the sleeping bag and took my own silk sheet. We walked in December with overnight temps around 5-10. I was snug as a bug and to be honest, slept with the bag unzipped most nights. I also hired the backpack. The sleeping back squashed down nicely to fit with everything else in my pack.

  26. mel

    I’m a cold sleeper and hired the 5 & silk liner for the 3 Capes in Dec and it was perfect. Hubby had the same combo and he found it a bit warm, but just unzipped it and used it as a blanket. Super light weight and comfortable.

  27. lbauermeister

    We hired down bags for myself and my husband for the Three Capes Track. We used out own liners. Could not have been happier with the product and the team at Three Capes Gears and Gourmet were so helpful when it became apparent that my husband needed a bigger sleeping bag and were able to facilitate this in a very timely and friendly manner. Gear was clean and as described. Would not hesitate to recommend and use again

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If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra night. Just fill out your dates at checkout and we’ll get in touch to sort it out.

If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra night. Just fill out your dates at checkout and we’ll get in touch to sort it out.