Amelia’s spirali bolognese

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One of our family’s essential judgement meals, tweaked for the track. We dehydrate our handmade tomato passata base (garlic, onions, parsley, tomatoes, yum …), then add freeze-dried beef and pasta.

When we send you out on the track, we add freshly shaved parmesan for you to finish it off.

* We can also make this meal gluten free with GF penne, if you’re that way inclined. Choose from the menu below:

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Pasta (Wheat flour), or GF pasta (corn flour, rice flour, mono and diclycerides), dried beef mince [Lean beef, TVP, Ocean salt, HVP, Vegetable oil (Canola), BHA (300)], tomatoes, onions, garlic, tomato paste, parmesan cheese, fresh parsley, sea salt, dried parsley, dried basil, cracked pepper.

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Weight 138 g
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 4 cm
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spirali, GF penne

26 reviews for Amelia’s spirali bolognese

  1. Sophie N

    Our teenage sons loved this dish. Easy to cook and was very tasty. Having had scary school camp food they were very excited at the texture and fresh taste of the bolognese. The finer details of fresh Parmesan make such a difference too. This is certainly a meal we would take again.

  2. Monique Daskalakis

    It was a satisfying meal after a great days walk. The cheese definitely made the dish as cheese always does.

  3. Rachel Symons

    Delicious! Easy to prepare and a generous portion after a day of hiking.

  4. cabearpark

    If you can find enough pans, ignore the instructions and cook the pasta separately. Great having the cheese to add on top.

  5. Erin van der Wyk

    We liked the taste but would probably have cooked the pasta separately (we tried doing two batches together) as this is an easy option in the huts on the 3 capes trek. Nice light pack weight and good flavour.

  6. Leonie Branson

    Good meal, great flavours, easy to prepare.
    Everything we ordered from 3 capes gear and gourmet was great value and delicious. Plus with great service – easy meet at airport for delivery. Super happy!

  7. Robyn Kennedy

    There were 7 in our group that ate this on our last night. This was my birthday dinner!
    Very tasty, especially with the fresh Parmesan on top.

  8. Tonya Roberts

    This was my best dinner, could not believe it tasted so genuinely home cooked

  9. Mel

    Full of real flavor. Yummy.

  10. Natalie

    I just love the attention to detail with which these meals are prepared and packed. This one comes complete with a little snap-lock of freshly shaved parmesan, to top it off perfectly.

  11. Lynette

    Would of eaten this every night. So tasty. The cheese was a nice touch. Wish I could buy this and have it at home in QLD! Very filling. Great job Gail and Ian !!!

  12. Michelle Rippe

    Loved this meal. Nice to have a different choice other than the usual dehydrated options from the big shops. It cooked as directed and was a good amount of food, but not too much

  13. Julien

    Nice and easy. That all you want after a long day.
    Really good taste pasta “al dente” witch is for me the way to eat pasta. Respect the quantity of water otherwise the sauce becomes to liquid.

  14. David Jinks

    My first thought was… what will this taste like… I’m a Spag Bog lover from way back… but it was so delicious! And really easy to prepare, especially in the somewhat crowded kitchen when pots and burners were at a premium. Simple to prepare and unexpectedly delicious! Best meal ever after a drizzly afternoon!

  15. Cathy McMahon

    Quick meal and good serving size. Would probably try cooking the pasta separately next time (if pots available) just to improve the finished texture. Fresh cheese included was fantastic and definitely added good flavour. Would probably take some fresh garlic and herbs if ordering again as I found it a little bland. Overall good option compared to other brands.

  16. David

    Must admit, was wary of this. Have had some truly awful dehydrated spag bol. Thankfully, this was not one of them. The sauce was very flavoursome, aromatic, and great consistency. The tortellini cooked up quick and easy and was very tasty. Took a little longer than suggested, but no biggy. Generous portion easily feed the two of us. Addition of the Parmesan was a great finishing touch – topped off the meal 🙂

  17. Michael Vodicka

    Hard to imagine ever going back to other lightweight hiking meals. Takes a couple of minutes longer, but wow are the results worth it. Really tasty. Try it – you will be a convert too.

  18. jane braham

    Quick and easy to prepare. I cooked this meal on the last night. The parmesan kept well over the 3 days of hiking and gave this meal extra flavour.

  19. Linda Brown

    Really enjoyed this spaghetti – we had the gluten free option. Needed more cooking than on the pack, but that’s no problem. Tasty and delicious.

  20. Vanessa

    Really tasty! Saved this for our last night as it was quick, tasty & filling. YUM!

  21. Katie P

    Absolutely delicious, perfect after a long day of walking! Saved this one for the last night and it was a real treat

  22. Tim McVitty

    Delicious. Highly recommended.

  23. anthony stitt

    A very good meal. Hearty and delicious. Best if you have a stove that can be turned very low and cooked for about 10 – 15 mins. Doesn’t use much gas, and gets a great result.

  24. Belinda

    Great meal. Really substantial serving size and felt very homely. I would recommend taking salt to add to suit your taste. Very impressive meal.

  25. Russell Gordon

    Can’t believe how good this was especially given it is dehydrated!

  26. Nicola

    Very filling and tasty meal, loved the touch of the shaved parmesan. If you’re someone who likes things salty maybe bring a little extra salt along to add, but the cheese did the trick on that front pretty well.

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