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Remember during the 2014 election (says Gail) when Tony Abbott was on talk radio and someone rang in to say they had to work as a


try new things

Yes! says Gail, Which is why I can tell you what lychee and coconut timtams and caramelised chilli twisties taste like! Indeed, mutters Ian out of hearing. Which is


Thingies (noun): Any of a number of difficult-to-remember smaller items, usually intricate doohickeys described to you once at a party by someone much smarter than you.

tall drinks

We prefer gin & tonic (with a squeeze of lime, of course) for our tropical sojourns …



If you need our hire gear for a few more days, that’s not a problem. We charge 10% of the hire price for each extra


An idiosyncratic Tasmanian concept required by the island’s four-seasons-in-one-hour weather extravaganza. Gail understands it to mean that in order to get through a day you

judgement meals

Judgement meal (compound noun): defined as the meal by which all other dishes served at a place are judged. As follows: Ian: Chicken larb at