Beef stroganoff

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A tasty way to warm up in the evening: real beef and lots of onions and sliced mushrooms cooked in a hearty, creamy, paprika sauce, and served with pre-cooked and dehydrated Basmati rice.

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Ingredients: dehydrated rice (rice, vegetable stock), freeze dried beef, sour cream (sour cream powder, cultured non-fat milk solids, citric acid), freeze dried mushrooms, freeze dried red onion, salt, sweet paprika, Spanish paprika, pepper.

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Weight 105 g
Dimensions 16 × 20 × 6 cm

18 reviews for Beef stroganoff

  1. Lynette

    Really tasty. Easy and filling. Was plenty and filled the plate then my tummy!

  2. Nicole

    This was super easy to prepare, very filling and tasted home-made

  3. Siobhan Steven

    A fantastic meal at the end of a hard hike on the Larapinta, Would definitely buy again.

  4. jane braham

    A tasty beef stroganoff with lots of tasty mushrooms. The rice cooked quickly too. I liked how I was able to prepare this dish using the one pot. Pre-soak for best results.

  5. Eva Blake

    After a cold wet afternoon, this stroganoff was the warming hearty meal needed to keep spirits lifted

  6. Annika Bradley

    This was a highlight – tasty, hearty and nourishing. A one-pot wonder and super easy to prepare. And compared to the other dehydrated meals that were cooked around us, we felt very spoilt by our great food from G&G! My husband eats an incredible amount of food, so we cooked up three packets in total and it was a heap of food.

  7. Josephine Clarke

    Delicious and easy to prepare. Flavoursome.

  8. Rhonda

    This meal was tasty and filling on the last evening of our experience. Generous sized portions and was enjoyed by the whole family.

  9. lbauermeister

    Don’t usually associate these types of meals with ‘yum’ but this one was outstanding. Tasty and easy to prepare.

  10. Carmel

    Haven’t eaten beef strog since uni days but this was so so much better than then! Delicious and filling with gorgeous mushrooms and beef.

  11. Georgina Kennedy

    How can something so delicious come out of one bag!

  12. anthony stitt

    Really tasty meal. Took this one on a recent Snowy’s walk and it totally hit the spot after a long day’s hike and a cold night!

  13. Pip

    this was really good – light – very easy to rehydrate – totally tasty

  14. blacksmith_1967

    This was really delicious. A few of us on the 3 capes walk all ordered this meal and decided we’d have it on the same night – cooked it all together in the one pot and there was enough leftover for another trekker too.

  15. Belinda

    Awesome flavour and filled with mushrooms and meat. I was really impressed and enjoyed every bite. I would take salt to add to suit your taste. Overall a winner!

  16. Russell Gordon

    Really tasty and super easy to make.

  17. Robyn Neufeld

    Pretty good (I’m not used to dehydrated food, so probably should say excellent). We brought extra mushrooms which was a good addition, and not too heavy to carry.

  18. Katrina

    Pop it in your cart: hearty, tasty, easy and lightweight. All the things you’ll want from dinners on the hike! I combined mine with friends’ and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

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