Summer breakfast buffet pack


When the mornings are a bit warmer and a cool breakfast is what you hanker for (as well as pancakes, of course!), these are the guys for you. 1 x fruity muesli; 1 x our healthy take on fruity rice bubbles; 1 x pancakes but the healthy kind. Secret nuts and seeds …

Fruity muesli

You like your breakfast cool and refreshing? This muesli isn't just ideologically sound, it's yummy, with a mix of oats, fruits, and seeds to keep the energy flowing through morning snacks and on to lunch.

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Secretly healthy pikelets and maple syrup

It's luxurious AND healthy all at once, with hazelnut meal, seeds and quinoa for some slow-burn energy to go with your sugar. Mix some cold water into the batter and some warm water into the maple syrup (no kidding!) and enjoy your wholesome treat.

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Fruit-a-licious gluten free muesli

If wheat free's your thing this is your muesli: fruity and flavoursome and honed around rice bran, rice flakes and rice straws (so many rice shapes), mixed with seeds and fruits to help you up those hills to some of Australia's best views.

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Fruity muesli: Rolled oats, organic spray-dried full cream milk, sultanas, currants, pepitas, coconut, raisins, apricots, peaches, apples, pears, sulphur dioxide (preservative 220 retains fruit colour and vit C), sunflower oil (GM-free), sodium metabisulphate (preservative 223, antimicrobial in coconut)

Secretly healthy pancakes & maple syrup: GF plain flour, ground hazelnuts, powdered maple syrup, spray-dried pasteurised fresh hen eggs, organic black chia seeds,organic spray-dried full cream milk, rolled quinoa, poppy seeds, baking powder, baking soda

Rice-a-licious muesli: Rice bran straws and flakes (rice flour, rice bran, prune juice, apple juice concentrate), organic spray-dried full cream milk, puffed rice, sultanas, currants, organic sunflower seeds, pepitas, cranberries, apricots, apples, peaches, linseed, sugar, sunflower oil, sulphur dioxide (to retain fruit colour and vitamin C)


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